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Carmichael Pedestrian Accident Causes Major Injury

Pedestrian Accident Reported at Van Alstine Avenue Intersection

A pedestrian accident with major injuries happened in Carmichael on February 17 after a person on foot was struck by a motor vehicle. The accident occurred at the intersection of Van Alstine Avenue and Fair Oaks Boulevard around 10:02 in the evening. According to the incident report by the California Highway Patrol (CHP), the pedestrian phoned police to say the vehicle had struck him. 

Pedestrian Transported to Hospital 

Once emergency responders with Metro Fire arrived at the accident scene, they determined that the pedestrian had suffered major injuries. He was then transported to Mercy San Juan Medical Center for treatment and additional evaluation. The vehicle that struck the pedestrian remained at the scene as an investigation into the cause of the accident was carried out. 

Most Common Causes of Traffic Accidents That Involve a Pedestrian

Many pedestrians believe that crossing the street at a crosswalk will keep them safe. Negligent drivers, however, leave them vulnerable in many cases. The driver of a motor vehicle is often found to have committed a traffic infraction when pedestrians are injured in crosswalks and at intersections. Accidents involving pedestrians that cause injuries include:

  • Walkers legally crossing the street are at risk of becoming injured in pedestrian accidents caused by speeding drivers or those who run red lights or stop signs.
  • Following a collision with a vehicle that had stopped at a traffic light, a tailgating driver pushes the lead car into the pedestrian crosswalk, which results in injury to the walker crossing the street.
  • A drunk driver or one who has been using drugs is too impaired to drive safely and strikes a pedestrian. Alcohol-impaired drivers are a significant danger to all road users because they can’t judge distances or control their speed and have visual impairments and slowed reflexes.
  • While driving, a motorist who is distracted may be texting, chatting on a cell phone or occupied with other activities that distract them from the road and others, which can lead to a pedestrian accident.
  • A fatigued driver exhibits many of the same characteristics of someone who has had too much to drink and can miss seeing a pedestrian in the crosswalk.
  • A motorist turns left at the arrow without checking for pedestrians crossing legally, striking a walker in the crosswalk as he does so.
  • Motorists making a risky right turn are blocked by other vehicles on the left. Because a driver is paying so much attention to traffic on the left, they are not aware that a pedestrian is in the crosswalk.

After a Personal Injury, Getting Legal Advice

A pedestrian involved in an accident is likely to suffer serious injuries, can be hospitalized for a prolonged period, may require surgery and undergo a lengthy recovery process. Because of this, they do not have the ability to work and earn the wages that usually support them. In addition to their financial losses, a lawyer can also help them determine compensation for their pain and suffering. 

Investigating Your Pedestrian Accident

A lawyer investigates the accident to establish the driver was at fault. As a result, the pedestrian who suffered trauma in the accident can be compensated for their injuries. A number of areas can be investigated to gather evidence, including:

  • Photographs are taken of the accident site as part of the accident reconstruction. We can often determine who is at fault in an accident by reconstructing it as it occurred.
  • The accident report filed by the police on the pedestrian injury accident is reviewed by our investigators because mistakes can increase the chances of a claim being rejected.
  • Interviews are conducted with witnesses to determine what they saw and if anyone filmed the accident as it occurred.
  • There is a search for surveillance cameras in the area to see if any footage of the accident exists.

Carmichael Personal Injury Lawyer

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