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March 25, 2019
Edward Smith

Carmichael Fatal Rollover Accident 

A Carmichael fatal rollover accident resulted from a three-vehicle traffic collision on March 20. It caused injuries to at least one person and a fatality. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) reported that the accident happened at about 12:30 in the afternoon. It occurred on Manzanita Avenue southbound, just south of Cypress Avenue. It involved a white SUV, silver Volkswagen, and another unidentified silver sedan. The Volkswagen experienced a rollover as a result of the crash, which left it blocking traffic.

Rollover Blocks Traffic

Emergency personnel with the fire department were called to the accident site to assess injuries. Whether alcohol or drugs was determined to be a factor in the crash is unknown. The CHP is conducting an investigation into the rollover accident to determine why it happened and assess fault.

Insurance Companies Want a Fast Settlement

It is to an insurance company’s advantage to have someone injured in a motor vehicle accident sign off as quickly as possible. The first offer they make to settle a claim is often low. If the injured person requires extensive medical care or will have future expenses, it is to the insurance company’s benefit to settle a case early.

Attorney Ed Smith discusses whether a claim for a car accident injury is worthwhile:

Car Accident Damages

Having a loved one killed or injured in an accident caused by negligence can create stress for the entire family. Financial costs can mount due to lost income, medical bills, and other expenses. However, if the accident occurred due to another’s negligence, the injured person or their family can recover those financial damages. These can include:

  • Lost wages, bonuses and other monies from work, including future losses are possible. If the person dies, recovery is made through a wrongful death lawsuit. 
  • Medical expenses include hospitalization costs, tests, physicians’ bills, prescriptions, and other expensesThis can include travel to and from the doctor. In a continuing injury, future medical costs are factored into the settlement. If the person dies as a result of the crash, other means to recover these damages are possible.
  • Property loss, including the vehicle, as a result of a Carmichael fatal rollover accident, is recoverable. 
  • Loss of consortium is another type of recoverable damage. It can also be claimed in a wrongful death lawsuit.
  • Emotional trauma can be caused by the accident. This can include sleepless nights or nightmares, anxiety, and fear. Some traumas may turn into post-traumatic stress disorder and require professional counseling.
  • Loss of enjoyment may refer to activities you used to do that are no longer possible. For example, someone with a severe back injury may no longer be able to enjoy going to work out at the gym.
  • Punitive damages are awarded in cases where egregious conduct led to an accident injury. These types of damages aren’t often awarded. One example would be a convicted drunk driver who was required to have an ignition interlock on the car and didn’t comply. This could lead to an accident while driving intoxicated.

Carmichael Car Accident Lawyers

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