Del Paso Heights Car Fire After Power Pole Accident

Car Fire After Power Pole Accident

A crash into a power pole in Del Paso Heights caused a car fire and left 2,000 people without electricity on June 24. Sacramento Police said that the incident began when a domestic violence call came in at about 6:30 p.m. on Mogan Avenue between a woman and a man. When police arrived, another woman who entered the scene drove away in a sedan that was present at the site. 

Police chased the car for about a block. As she approached Elm Street in the vicinity of North Avenue, the woman driving the sedan hit a power pole, causing it to fall onto a minivan that was parked at that location. Liquid, which was later identified as oil from a transformer, leaked onto the pavement. The female driver of the sedan abandoned a baby in the vehicle and left the scene on foot. The car later caught fire after the baby’s mother rescued it from the vehicle. Police are still searching for the woman who fled. A hazmat team was called to clean up the spill. 

Further Details

A neighbor witnessed the crash. According to her, the sedan was speeding on North Avenue and crashed into a black pickup after going over speed bumps.  The crash caused the sedan to spin and hit the power pole. It is unknown why the sedan ignited. The Sacramento Fire Department was called to the scene to deal with the car fire. The majority of customers of the Sacramento Municipal Utility District had power restored within an hour. However, approximately 300 remained without power for up to nine hours. 

Dangers of Hitting a Power Pole

When you hit a power pole, serious injuries can result. However, additional dangers occur when a power line breaks and falls to the ground or hits your car. When this happens, the electricity is transferred to the metal frame of the vehicle. If a driver or passenger comes in contact with the metal portion of the car, there is a good chance they will be electrocutedOnce the power line is grounded and out, you will be able to leave the vehicle safely.

Here are some tips about what to do if a power line strikes your vehicle:

  • Fire is the only reason you should leave the vehicle until help has arrived. Be certain a fire has started because leaving the vehicle is dangerous. If a fire has started, you must jump out of the car without touching the metal. This means exiting with both feet at the same time. Once you are on the ground, look for live wires and carefully move 50 feet away from the burning vehicle. Try to keep your feet close together as you walk away. 
  • If your car is not on fire, stay inside it. If anyone is in the car with you, tell them to remain where they are. No one should touch the car’s frame. Remain with your hands in your lap. Warn drivers approaching the area to stay clear.
  • If a pedestrian tries to approach the car, warn them away. They could be electrocuted if they touch the car or walk on a downed power line. 

Outside the Motor Vehicle

If you are in the vicinity of a downed power pole and line, it is important to take certain precautions. First off, you need to stay clear of the power lines. Stepping on one will most likely result in electrocution. Stay at least 50 feet away. Shout out to others that they too should stay away. Call 911 to alert authorities. 

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