Car Crash Into Natomas Building Causes Multiple Injuries

Truxel Road Crash Injures Multiple People Inside Clothing Store

A car crash into a Natomas Ross Dress For Less store on November 12 left one person in critical condition and injured others. The accident occurred on Truxel Road between Gateway Park Boulevard and Natomas Crossing Drive around 8:50 p.m., with the vehicle ending up entirely inside the store. The Sacramento Fire Department reported that five people had suffered injuries and three were transported to a hospital. Two were treated at the scene and released. No additional information on the injuries or cause of the crash was released.

How a Car Crash Into a Building Occurs

The onset of an out-of-control vehicle is unpredictable and happens quickly, including crashing into a building. These accidents are caused by a variety of factors, including:

  • Texting or talking on a cell phone while driving can result in an out-of-control vehicle. Seeing an accident looming, the driver looks up and jerks the wheel, losing control.
  • In a parked vehicle, the driver accidentally places it in drive instead of reverse.
  • The driver could lose control of the vehicle if he or she nods off behind the wheel due to fatigue, leading to a car crash.
  • Speeding, especially around a curve, can cause a driver to lose control. 
  • Due to the driver’s inability to judge the distance between other cars and lack of judgment when drunk, a vehicle may crash.
  • In wet or icy weather, a driver making a sudden movement in their car or going too fast can cause an out-of-control vehicle.
  • Drivers can lose control of their vehicles when their tires blow out or their brakes fail. Manufacturers and others may be held liable for accident injuries when the cause is a defective auto part.

Compensation for Accident Injuries Following a Car Crash

An injured person may file a claim for compensation after a car crash if another party or entity is negligent. The following damages may be available to you:

  • As a result of an accident, medical expenses may include hospitalization, surgery, ambulance fees, diagnostic tests and rehabilitation. The accident-related costs are all recoverable. There is also the possibility of recovering out-of-pocket expenses. It is possible to claim mileage or the cost of an Uber or taxi if you drive to your doctor’s appointment. Continued injury treatment or permanent disability may result in additional costs, which are also covered.
  • An injured party may be compensated if he or she has to miss work and is not reimbursed for lost wages. Bonuses and other benefits may also be included in compensation. It is possible to recover compensation for unpaid vacations and sick leaves taken by the injured party.
  • Noneconomic damages are compensation for pain and suffering. The injured party may also be entitled to compensation for psychological and emotional suffering in addition to physical harm. There can be a fear of driving or leaving the house, as well as nightmares associated with the accident. It may be possible to recover the costs associated with professional treatment for patients with post-traumatic stress disorder.

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