Car Carrier Safety Depends on Proper Loading

Recently, two Sacramento residents,  George Perry, 68 of Roseville and Bette Ann McDonald-Perry, 69  were killed in

Bakersfield, California when a Land Rover fell off of a car carrier and careened across a freeway killing the Sacramento residents

traveling on the other side of the I5 Freeway.

It’s a shame that transport companies often are derelict in training their employees and contractors to properly load cars on

Transport vehicles. Most car carrier accidents are caused because the cars were not properly secured or the ramps on the

carrier vehicle were not adjusted correctly.


Here’s a video that shows how it ought to be done.

In many ways, the European market is far advanced than that in the US in terms of standards and safety practices in

transporting cars.

See the Safety Loading Guidelines in the below article.

Click to access cargo_securing_guidelines_en.pdf


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