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Car Accident Watt Ave Sacramento Kills Bicyclist

A Sacramento bicyclist was killed in a hit and run accident on November 28 along South Watt Avenue close to Fruitridge Road. The accident occurred sometime before 7:00 in the morning. Information has not been released on whether there is a suspect in the case, and the vehicle remains unidentified. I want to take this opportunity to send my condolences to the family and friends of the deceased for their tragic loss.

Details on the Sacramento Bicyclist Accident

Police stayed at the scene to investigate the accident, closing South Watt in both directions from south of Fruitridge to Osage Avenue. It was reported by the Sacramento Police Department that the vehicle believed to have caused the accident was traveling south along South Watt at the time of the collision.

Identification of the Deceased Cyclist

The name of the bicyclist, described only as a man, has not yet been released. At the time of this report, no further information has been provided to assist in the identification of the vehicle.

A Wrongful Death Lawsuit When a Family Member Dies

When a loved one is killed by the negligent actions of another, a family grieving over their loss must face the added burden of wondering why this had to happen. Today, the family must also deal with escalating funeral and burial costs and, if the decedent helped with expenses, coping financially is also difficult. Although friends and others may help, there is another option – filing a wrongful death lawsuit. This in no way takes away the pain but does help the family financially.

Investigation Is Key

To file a wrongful death lawsuit, the negligent party must be identified in a Sacramento bicyclist accident. In a hit and run accident, this may be more complex. However, police are often able to find a hit and run driver with little information to go on. For instance, witnesses may have seen the color of the vehicle. This alone may seem to be insufficient, but it isn’t. Many manufacturers use a particular color for specific makes and models of vehicle. By identifying the color, it becomes possible to identify the vehicle.

How an Attorney Can Help

Finding out what witnesses saw and collecting other evidence is a major part of what an experienced bicycle accident attorney does in a hit and run accident. Once retained, the lawyer will review not just police reports of the accident, but collect all available evidence to locate the negligent driver. Proper investigative protocols can make a huge difference in the outcome of Sacramento bicyclist Accident.

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