Capital City Freeway Traffic Flow Interrupted Due to Emergency

Man on a Bridge Causes Closure to Section of Capital City Freeway

Delays occurred on the Capital City Freeway on October 15 due to an incident involving a man on a bridge. According to the report, officers with the North Sacramento division of the California Highway Patrol (CHP) and Sacramento Police Department responded to a call about a situation occurring there at about 5:30 in the morning. A section of the highway was closed down in both directions as authorities dealt with the man, who reportedly suffered from a mental health crisis. 

Traffic Detoured Off Capital City Freeway

Area commuters were required to exit the Capital City Freeway toward Exposition Boulevard while the situation was handled by authorities, and delays occurred between Exposition and Arden Way. A reporter with KCRA News said the man on the bridge was seen walking off with authorities, who placed him in a police car.

Traffic Interruptions Can Lead to Accidents

Traffic along the Capital City Freeway is often heavy and congested, which can lead to an accident causing serious injuries even under normal conditions. Disruptions to normal traffic can increase that risk. When detours are in place due to an accident up ahead, a driver may be forced to take unaccustomed routes, which increases the risk. Some of the types of collisions that can occur include:

  • Rear-end crashes: When a driver is unfamiliar with a route after being accustomed to taking the Capital City Freeway to their destination, they become hesitant and have to look around for street signs to see which way to go. This can cause a motorist to end up in a rear-end collision because their minds are occupied elsewhere.
  • Sideswipes: Drivers in unfamiliar territory may discover that they are in the wrong lane and have to move over. If another motorist speeds up to cut them off or refuses to yield, it can lead to an accident.
  • Speeders: A driver who is running late for an appointment and discovers they have to detour from their usual route may be tempted to speed to make up for lost time. However, a speeding driver can lose control of their vehicle and requires a longer distance to stop in an emergency, which can lead to a collision.
  • Distracted drivers: A distracted driver is one who is talking on their cell phone, texting or doing something else that takes their attention from the roadway and surrounding traffic. Unfortunately, taking an unfamiliar road may cause distraction and lead to an accident.
  • Multiple-vehicle crash: Accidents involving multiple vehicles can occur when traffic is stopped on a busy highway such as the Capital City Freeway. Drivers who spot a traffic slowdown too late or who are speeding are unable to stop in time. Multiple-vehicle accidents can cause havoc on an already stressed highway system by blocking additional paths to first responders, ambulances, and police. In addition, if a fire breaks out, it is difficult for firemen to arrive at the scene.

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