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Capital City Freeway Accident Seriously Injures Motorcyclists in Sacramento

An accident along Capital City Freeway in the early hours of May 19 injured two motorcycle riders and backed up traffic to Highway 99 and midtown Sacramento. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) reported that the collision involved a van and two motorcycles on a bridge at the American River, which is near Cal Expo. 

Capital City Freeway Accident Details

The collision happened shortly before 12:30 a.m. between the three vehicles and caused a brief closure of the Capital City Freeway northbound lanes. According to a representative of the CHP, the two motorcyclists were seriously injured in the collision and were transported to a hospital for medical treatment. The van driver was uninjured. The accident is being investigated.

Motorcycle Riders Are More Exposed

Bikers lack the enclosure other motorists have. Aside from that and other increased risks, they are less visible on the road. Combine this with the ability to reach considerable speeds, it is easy to see how motorcyclists are killed or injured at a much higher rate than other motorists. In 2016, close to 5,000 bikers died. Of those who died, close to 30 percent did not have a valid motorcycle license. More motorcyclist deaths occurred in multi-vehicle crashes than in single ones by a factor of 60 to 40 percent. Thirty-six percent of those who died were older than 50, and 29 percent who perished were under 30. About 90 percent of the deaths were seen in males.

Helmet Use and Safety

All riders and their passengers are required to wear a helmet in California. Helmets must comply with Safety Standard 218 as required by the Department of Transportation.

  • All helmets must have chin straps that are riveted into the shell and are capable of being affixed snugly.
  • The liner of the helmet must be constructed of polystyrene foam and be at least an inch thick.
  • Protrusions greater than 5.08 millimeters from the helmet shell are prohibited.
  • If the helmet meets the requirements, it will bear a certificate of compliance.

Alcohol Use in Motorcycle Accidents

In 2016, about 26 percent of bikers in crashes with two or more vehicles had a blood alcohol concentration at or beyond the legal limit of 0.08 percent. However, the incidence of a high BAC level rose to 37 percent when only a single motorcycle was involved.

Most Common Accident Conditions for Bikers

Let’s look at some of the most common scenarios bikers find themselves in before a crash and how an accident can be avoided.

  • Changing lanes: In this situation, a car moves in front of the motorcycle usually due to changing traffic patterns. When it becomes apparent that the traffic flow is altered, a motorcyclist should take extra precaution by allowing sufficient space for other vehicles and slow down to avoid serious injury.
  • Rear end accident: This is one of the most common accidents for a biker. Ways to avoid being hit from behind include stopping at the side of the lane and flashing the brake lights. Also, keeping an eye on what is approaching and being ready to move out of the line of an impact can help avoid an accident.
  • A car door opens directly in front of a biker: Most bikers know this happens frequently. The biker may be partially at-fault since riding closely to parked cars is usually a way to get around heavy traffic patterns. The way to avoid this prelude to an accident is to just not do it. If a biker finds himself in this situation, the best way to lessen the degree of injury is by slowing down rapidly before impact.

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