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Bucks Lake Crash Causes Fatal Injury

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September 08, 2019
Edward Smith

Bucks Lake Crash Causes Fatal Injury

One person suffered a fatal injury during a Bucks Lake crash in rural Plumas County that took place on Tuesday, September 2, 2019. California Highway Patrol (CHP) authorities reported that this accident only involved one vehicle and no other individuals were injured during the incident. The decedent has been identified by Plumas County officials as David Byron Mathauser, a 60-year-old man from the community of Richvale. CHP currently has this crash under investigation.

Crash Information

Mathauser had reportedly been driving a 2014 Dodge Ram 2500 on Bucks Lake Road headed back to his cabin on Big Creek Road prior to the accident. Police say that his vehicle was allegedly traveling at high speeds when his truck started to drift off of the roadway. Police believe that Mathauser attempted to correct his vehicle but oversteered multiple times. The vehicle eventually traveled off the road and struck fir trees, causing the airbags to deploy.

When response officials arrived at the crash scene, they discovered that Mathouser had been pinned in the wreckage by one of the trees. Sadly, he could not be helped and passed away on-site.

Investigating Deadly Accident

Accidents like this one can be difficult for police to investigate because the parties involved are not able to provide their story about what happened. However, it’s essential to figure out what caused an accident so that negligent parties can be held responsible and grieving families can recover the payments they deserve for their losses. For this reason, speaking to a lawyer as soon as you can is important. An attorney can act as the decedent’s representative and conduct a private investigation into the accident in order to find out what really caused the collision. Conducting such an investigation is often a vital part in reaching a successful settlement or verdict in a wrongful death case.

What Can My Family Recover?

The effects of a fatal accident on families can be serious. Not only are people impacted emotionally, but families often face financial issues as well. Fatality accidents can have far-reaching effects on our lives, the payments available in wrongful death cases vary widely and often cover both fiscal and personal losses. While the love and care of a person in your family can’t really be replaced, those who’ve suffered damages because of fatal accidents are often able to claim payments for things like lost income, medical expenses, emotional trauma, loss of companionship, and more.

If you want more information about how you might be able to claim compensation following a fatal crash, it is best to talk to an area wrongful death lawyer so you can get specific advice about your situation. However, if you want to learn a bit more before calling, feel free to watch this video:


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