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Common Brain Injury Questions Asked by Individuals and Families

Brain Injury Questions to Ask Following an Accident

Brain injury questions are common following an accident. A traumatic event can happen at any time, and even seemingly minor accidents can lead to a head injury. Like other injuries, TBIs can range markedly in their scope and severity. Therefore, it is essential for individuals and loved ones to gather as much information as possible.

Can Someone Fully Recover from a Brain Injury?

In some cases, individuals will be able to recover fully following a brain injury. In other cases, a full recovery might not be possible. The prognosis following a head injury varies on a case by case basis. The type of brain injury is going to play a role in the recovery process.

A concussion is one of the most common TBIs. If someone suffers a concussion, there is a temporary alteration in the way the brain functions. Individuals who suffer a concussion might lose consciousness briefly. They could have headaches and difficulty focusing for a few days. Fortunately, someone who suffers a single concussion will almost always make a full recovery. However, repeated concussions might lead to long-term problems.

Severe TBIs can lead to permanent damage to the brain’s tissues and neurons. Examples of severe TBIs include brain bleeds, penetrating head injuries, and a cerebral herniation. These injuries can lead to permanent neuron damage from which the brain will not recover.

What are the Long-Term Effects of a Traumatic Brain Injury?

The long-term effects of a traumatic brain injury will depend on its severity. For example, a single concussion might not lead to any long-term effects at all. On the other hand, moderate and severe TBIs can lead to serious long-term consequences.

The nature of the long-term effects will depend on the location of the brain injury within the skull. Damage to the motor cortex of the brain will lead to coordination issues. For example, people might have trouble writing, lifting objects, or walking across the room. Other individuals may develop tremors or spasms that can inhibit purposeful movements.

If someone has suffered damage to the sensory cortex, he or she might have issues with numbness and tingling. Some individuals might even develop chronic pain. Other people might have trouble with their sense of smell, often called anosmia. The exact long-term effects of a TBI will vary with each injury.

Can Head Injuries Cause Personality Changes?

Head injuries can absolutely cause personality changes. The frontal lobe is responsible for someone’s personality. This part of the brain controls inhibition, judgment, and executive functioning. This means that damage to the frontal lobe can lead to significant personality changes.

Personality changes following a head injury can take many forms. Some people might experience emotional lability. These individuals might seem to shift from happiness to sadness and even anger within a few seconds. Individuals who suffer a TBI might also demonstrate severe problems with impulse control. They might not remember what is appropriate behavior and what isn’t. This can create a lot of stress for family and friends.

Personality changes following a head injury can lead to other serious mental health issues. Depression and anxiety are common. Fortunately, mental health management is typically a cornerstone of TBI treatment. With the help of experienced medical professionals, personality changes following a brain injury can be managed appropriately.

Watch YouTube Video: Effect of Brain Injury on Personality. In the following video, Dr. Gordon Horn with NeuroRestorative discusses how a brain injury can affect someone’s personality.

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