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Brain Injury Connection to Dementia Proven in Large Study

Brain Injury Connection to Dementia Proven in Large Study

Study Proves Dementia Connected to Brain Injury

The results of an extensive study on people with a traumatic brain injury (TBI) over an extended period show that a high percentage of those injured are at a higher risk for dementia. The study hopes to assess risk factors for young people who suffer a TBI.

TBIs Are a Common Injury

Dementia currently affects 47 million people around the world, a number that is expected to be doubled in the next several decades. TBIs are a typical brain injury, affecting about 50 million each year. They may be caused in both open and closed head injuries. Following are the most common reasons that TBIs occur:

  • Falls account for about 47 percent of TBIs. These kinds of serious injuries are most common among young children and the elderly.
  • Being struck by an object or falling against one accounts for about 15 percent of Specific brain injuries.
  • Injuries caused by motor vehicle crashes account for 14 percent of TBIs. Some of these are caused by rollover accidents and commonly occur with a crushed roof.
  • Assaults, including with firearms, account for 9 percent of TBIs.

Details of the Study

According to an article published in The Lancet Psychiatry recently, the study was conducted over a 36-year period using 2.8 million subjects. The long-term study was conducted using those who had suffered TBIs and those who had no brain injuries to determine whether there was a strong correlation between TBI and brain dementia. It concluded that 24 percent of those who had a TBI would probably develop dementia. The risk grew larger if the TBIs were more serious and with the number of times a TBI was suffered by the individual. According to the study, a single instance of TBI of a mild nature such as a concussion was enough to increase the risk by 17 percent.

Risk Factors

In the comparison of those with previous TBI and those without, the risk increased with the number of TBIs suffered. Those who had suffered two or three TBIs increased their risk of dementia by 33 percent. If the person had suffered four TBIs, the risk increased to 61 percent. The risk of getting dementia increased by almost three times if the individual had suffered TBIs five or more times.

Risk Factors for TBI

Certain characteristics make it more risky for some to suffer a TBI. These factors tend to be age related:

  • Falls and resulting TBIs are the highest cause of death for those 75 or older.
  • TBIs from motor vehicle crashes were the highest cause of death for those between the ages of 5 and 24.
  • The highest cause of death from TBI for people between the ages of 25 and 64 was self-harm.
  • TBI was the leading reason for deaths in the 0 to age 4 range and was caused by assaults.

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