Brain Injury Animations Help Jurors

Brain injury animations help jurors with a difficult medical issue.

Brain injury lawyers often use animators that help jurors understand the seriousness of brain injury. An animation need not be exact, but it must be based on the medical evidence and a judge will usually allow the animation if it’s illustrative, not deceptive and helps a jury understand an injury.


Here are a few animations explaining Brain injuries that have been allowed into evidence.




This is a video animation that shows what happens in a deceleration injury. It shows how the brain swells, blood flow can be cut off and coma or other serious injuries can result. The video quality may be a little jarring on this video depending on your computer speed.

This video explains a diffuse axonal injury and how brain damage can continue for hours or days after an initial injury.

The brain is the same consistency as jello. Mild diffuse axonal injury can result in reduced memory, lower social inhibitaion as well cognitive difficulties. Severe axonal injury can result in coma or death.


The above animation shows how doctors go about diagnosing an epidural hematoma.



Finally, this  animation  shows how a skull fracture looks and occurs.

In serious brain injury cases, the attorney will often have an animation made to help educate the jury.

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