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March 20, 2019
Edward Smith

Bowel and Bladder Injuries

Some injuries that can occur after a motor vehicle collision include bumps, scrapes, bruises, and bone fractures. However, bowel and bladder dysfunction injuries are frequently overlooked. Those who are fortunate enough to survive a serious road traffic accident could still develop complications relating to daily bathroom functions.

Control of Bowel and Bladder Function

The body is designed in a manner that places bowel and bladder functions under voluntary control. This means that people are expected to have the strength to withhold voiding until a socially acceptable time. This control comes from the design of the nerves and the muscle tissues.

The body has nerves the run from the spinal cord to the muscles that control the opening to the bladder and the bowels. These muscles are called sphincters. When the appropriate time presents itself, people should be able to relax these sphincters to allow controlled voiding. Sometimes, an injury can disrupt this pattern, leading to complications.

Mechanism of Injury: Motor Vehicle Collisions

Numerous issues could arise with the bowel and bladder function following an accident. These include:

  • Direct trauma that damages either the rectal or the urethral sphincters
  • A penetrating injury of the bowels
  • A urethral transection via a penetrating injury
  • An injury to the spinal cord that disrupts the nerves that power the sphincters

All of these injuries are capable of leading to incontinence of the bowels, the bladder, or both. When this happens, people may lose control over their ability to void at an appropriate time.

Possible Treatment Options: Bathroom Assistance

Depending on the exact nature of the injury, there are several treatment options available. Some of these include:

Colostomy: For those who have damaged their rectal sphincter, one of the options is called a colostomy. In this procedure, the bowel is detached from the anal opening and attached to the surface of the abdomen. People instead void into a bag that they empty periodically.

Catheterization: Individuals who have lost control of their bladder may be able to use catheters to void in private. This might sound unpleasant, but it does allow retention of privacy.

Depending on the exact nature of the injury, there could be alternatives available.

Watch YouTube Video: Bowel Dysfunction. This video explains how physical therapy can help patients with bowel dysfunction.

Contacting an Experienced Lawyer

Being unable to use the bathroom properly following a motor vehicle accident represents a major life shift. Even though some people might feel embarrassed or humiliated, people should know that this is not their fault. It is appropriate to ask for help from family members, friends, and trained professionals. In these situations, speaking with a car accident lawyer in Sacramento can be helpful. Some of the resources that an injury lawyer may share include:

  • Access to accident professionals who can reconstruct what happened at the scene, ensuring that the listed mechanism is correct.
  • Review of accident records to make sure that all details are appropriately considered.
  • The pursuit of damages that might be related to the collision, any injuries that might have resulted, and emotional trauma.
  • Transitioning a case to trial when needed.

Most importantly, families need to know that they don’t have to face this situation alone. Speak with a car accident attorney in Sacramento today. You might be deserving of a financial reward.

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