BMW i3 Hybrid Recall

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I’m Ed Smith, a Brentwood car accident lawyer. The German automaker, BMW, is known for its exquisite designs and engineering. What many do not know about this automaker is that one of their popular hybrid vehicles is under recall for a potential fire hazard.


BMW is recalling over 19,000 i3 REx hybrid vehicles in the United States. The reason being that fuel vapor leaks may increase or even trigger the risk of a fire. The vehicle uses a small gasoline engine when it is charging its battery. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the chances are high that the vent line of the small gas tank may rub against the protective sleeve of the positive battery cable. The vent line of the gasoline tank can chafe over time which could lead to the possibility of a tear. Fuel vapor can leak into the engine compartment of the vehicle through the tear. This leak is considered hazardous because it can start a fire in the compartment.

Which BMW i3 Are Being Recalled?

The BMW i3 from 2014 to 2017 are being recalled for this automotive defect.

When Will the Recall Start?

The recall will start on April 3, 2017. BMW will be contacting owners of the vehicles from above to have their vehicles inspected at their dealerships. Any fixes by the dealership will be free of charge to vehicle owners.

How Will the BMW i3 Be Fixed?

BMW dealerships will conduct thorough inspections of the affected BMW i3 vehicles. If the vent lines of the gasoline tank are found chafed, they will be replaced. A clip will also be installed on the vent line to prevent chafing against the positive cable of the battery.

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