Blood Tests Could Help Detect Mesothelioma in Patients

 Blood Tests Could Help Detect Mesothelioma in Patients

Blood Tests Could Help Detect Mesothelioma in Patients

I’m Ed Smith, an El Dorado Hills Mesothelioma Lawyer. Mesothelioma is an aggressive and deadly cancer that is caused by asbestos exposure. Its prognosis is low with no definitive cure. Treatment and constant monitoring of the course of the disease could help those affected by the disease live longer.

Are Blood Tests Just as Effective?

The use of the costly and difficult CAT scan to monitor post-treatment relapse and growth of mesothelioma may be a thing of the past. A regular blood test may be all that is needed, according to a new study published in the medical journal, BMC Cancer.

What is the Study About?

The study was done at a research university located in Bristol in the United Kingdom. The study focuses on patients diagnosed with mesothelioma who were monitored for a long period of time. Researchers discovered that the fluctuating mesothelin levels in the patients’ blood regularly copied CAT scan findings in post-treatment patients.

Who are the Participants?

Forty-one participants were recruited and monitored for a period of 12 months to 21 months. The participants included 35 males and six females, who range in age from 58 to 83 years old and have a life expectancy of three months or longer. Twenty-three participants received chemotherapy with no referral for clinical intervention while the other 18 participants received no chemotherapy.

Can Blood Tests Replace CT Scans?

Dr. Duneesha de Fonseka, lead researcher of the study said she is not completely confident a mesothelin blood test can replace the CAT scan with just this study but that there may possibly be a role for it. She said they would need to do more research with a larger number of participants.

Watch YouTube Video: Get to Know the Different Forms of the Mesothelioma Blood Test. The video below explains the different types of blood tests for patients.

What is the Focus of the Study?

The research is the first of its kind to concentrate on continuous monitoring of mesothelin levels for mesothelioma relapse and development. After chemotherapy treatment or best supportive care (BSC), participants in the pilot study started three blood tests for about a year to evaluate mesothelin levels.

What are the Findings of the Study?

There was a 74-percent accuracy rate for participants whose disease had not advanced. The study also found that mesothelin protein levels provided useful survival rate predictions. The average survival rate was 175 days for participants whose mesothelin level went up at the six-month mark compared to 448 days for patients whose mesothelin levels were stable or had dropped.

What is the Conclusion of the Study?

The research concluded that doing a mesothelin blood test to monitor mesothelioma has several advantages over the CAT scan, which includes reducing costs and hospital visits. Dr. de Fonseka thinks that mesothelin blood tests could help prolong survival rate. She urges patients with high mesothelin level to take part in future clinical trials.  However, Dr. de Fonseka warned against relying too heavily on mesothelin levels because she said the first study was too small to make any definite determinations just yet.

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