Biker Injured in Folsom Crash

Biker Injured in Folsom Crash

Biker Injured in Folsom Crash

I’m Ed Smith, a Folsom motorcycle accident lawyer. An early morning collision between a motorcycle rider and an unknown vehicle caused injuries on August 16 in Folsom. The accident happened shortly after 7:00 in the morning along westbound U.S. 50, just east of East Bidwell Street. According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP) report, the motorcyclist was discovered lying in the center divide, and several vehicles had pulled over in an attempt to assist. Traffic was not affected by the accident.

More Details

A tow truck was called to remove the Honda motorcycle the rider had been on, and emergency medical personnel arrived to assess the rider’s condition. Information has not yet been released on whether the motorcyclist was transported to a hospital for further care or was treated at the scene. The accident remains under investigation by the CHP as to cause. There is no indication at the time of this report whether the driver of the motor vehicle stopped at the scene or left the accident site.

Motorcycle Accident Causation

Motorcycle accidents are, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a violent event for the motorcyclist, ending in injuries and death approximately 80 percent of the time. Since motorcyclists are often ejected, many injuries are significant. One of the reasons this occurs is due to the lack of a protective structure. Motorcycles do not have safety restraints, airbags or a protected cabin for riders. Nor do they have the stability found on motor vehicles with four wheels. Also, because of their small size and lightweight, motorcycles are not as easily spotted as a car or a light truck. Taken together, these attributes make the possibility of an injury accident all the more likely.

Motorcyclist Alertness Is Key to Avoiding Accidents

Motorcyclists face more obstacles to safety than do car and truck drivers. Because of this, motorcyclists must be diligent about protecting their safety and practicing defensive driving. For instance, many motorcycle accidents occur at intersections since other drivers are not vigilant for motorcyclists sharing the road with them. About 30 percent of motorcycle/motor vehicle crashes happen when a car or truck proceeds into the biker’s path. This means that the motorcyclist must be ready to use defensive moves to avert an accident.

Alcohol and Motorcycle Accidents

It is not legal or prudent to drink and drive. This is true for motorcyclists as well as other drivers. About 43 percent of all motorcycle crashes involve alcohol, according to the Insurance Information Institute. Riding a motorcycle safely requires coordination and skill, both of which are affected by alcohol. In addition, the effects of alcohol may make the biker less likely to use their helmet, resulting in a higher incidence of traumatic brain injury.


Speeding can be a major factor leading to a single vehicle accident. This type of accident accounts for 40 percent of all motorcycle crashes. There are many ways this can happen. A motorcycle that is traveling at a high speed will encounter less stability when maneuvering defensively around another vehicle, stopping suddenly or traveling on wet roads. Driving too fast can also be a major factor in lane-splitting accidents.

Staying Safe on a Motorcycle

There are ways a motorcyclist can stay safe. These include:

  • Dress for the part. Wearing a sturdy pair of leather boots, a leather jacket and gloves helps prevent injuries if you are thrown from a bike.
  • Wear a helmet that is government approved. Wearing goggles is also a good idea.
  • Assume other motorists cannot see you. Ride with lights on, and watch other vehicles to make sure they are not turning. Use your turn signals, and stay out of other vehicle’s blind spots.
  • Learn how to handle your bike. It is important to take courses on safe motorcycle riding. Make sure you are licensed before heading out on the road.
  • Check your bike before starting out. This includes checking tires, brake fluids, and lights.

Folsom Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

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