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Big Rig Overturns in Rancho Cordova

Big Rig Accident

A big rig overturned in Rancho Cordova on June 21 that forced the closure of the southbound lanes at Sunrise Boulevard. According to the Rancho Cordova police, the accident happened around 8:00 in the morning south of eastbound U.S. Route 50. The truck’s driver was reported to have minor injuries from the crash. No other injuries were reported. 

Further Details of the Big Rig Crash

Caltrans reported that the accident interfered with motorists making the morning commute to work. Because of the crash, the southbound lanes were closed to traffic along Sunrise at Folsom Boulevard. The lanes were reopened around 11:30 a.m. According to officers with the police department, it appeared as though the driver of the big rig was traveling too fast on the off-ramp. This may be why the big rig overturned just as the driver was making a right to get on Sunrise. After the police investigation is concluded, the exact cause of the crash will be forthcoming. 

Why Do Big Rigs Overturn?

Rollover accidents are fairly common with big rigs. Some of the reasons they happen are:

  • A truck driver may be distracted and unable to handle sudden changes.
  • Big rig drivers drive long hours and may become drowsy and fail to see a roadway hazard in time to avoid a rollover.
  • Some truck drivers take a curve at a speed that is too high and overturns.
  • Once a truck driver senses they will lose control of their vehicle, they may overcorrect. This leads to counter-steering and possibly a rollover.
  • A truck’s cargo may be loaded unevenly, increasing the risk of a rollover. 
  • High winds can increase the risk of a rollover. An experienced driver can take measures to avoid an accident. 
  • An accident with another motor vehicle may cause the trucker to lose control and overturn.
  • Wet roads can contribute to a rollover.

Ways That a Trucker Can Prevent a Rollover

There are ways a trucker can avoid rolling over. They are:

  • Don’t speed. The faster you go, the less control you have.
  • Stay focused on the road.
  • Pull over and rest if you need to. Drowsy driving is a hazard.
  • Maintain the vehicle. If you fail to do preventive maintenance, you could have trouble braking or a tire could blow out
  • Always do a pre- and post-trip inspection.
  • Pack the cargo correctly. Distribute the weight evenly and secure the load properly.

Help Following an Accident Injury

A collision with a big rig often results in serious injuries. Because an accident of this type can be complex, having the help of a lawyer experienced in big rig collisions is important. An injury attorney will discuss the accident with the insurance company in your stead or prepare a strong court case to recover damages. This requires the skills and training of a dedicated lawyer who has your best interests in mind. Personal injury lawyers do not collect a fee until your case is won. 

Sacramento Truck Accident Attorney

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