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Truck Accident on Highway 4 and Old River Bridge in Discovery Bay

Big Rig Crash Reported on SR-4 in Discovery Bay

Officials in Discovery Bay reported a recent big rig crash on SR-4. The traffic collision occurred around 12:30 p.m. on State Route 4 at the Old River Bridge.

Details on the Big Rig Crash Reported on SR-4 in Discovery Bay

Authorities responding to the report of the truck accident located a big rig with an overturned trailer that was affecting traffic in both directions. Officials set a one-way traffic control in the area. Drivers were encouraged to utilize the Byron Highway or South Tracy Boulevard as an alternate route. Additional information on the big rig crash in Discovery Bay, including the number of injured parties and what caused the collision, was not immediately available.

Truck Accidents and Personal Injury Cases

Big rig crashes are among the most catastrophic of accidents on the road, and it is not challenging to determine why. Large commercial trucks may weigh 80,000 pounds loaded. With this information in mind, the size differential between a semi-truck and a passenger vehicle may spell disaster whenever a tractor-trailer collision occurs. As drivers, it is in our best interests to allow additional space between our vehicles and big rigs and the time truckers need to make safe maneuvers on the roads. However, we cannot control the actions of others, and when negligence is the root cause of a truck accident resulting in traumatic injuries, a claim may be brought against the negligent trucker and trucking company for resulting losses.

To determine whether another party is responsible for accident-related injuries and losses, it is essential to understand that clear and compelling evidence must establish negligence on the part of the other side. For instance, if the trucker failed to comply with any state or federal regulations, this may be demonstrative of negligence. Conversely, if an unqualified driver was hired by the trucking company that had a history of substance abuse, prior serious collisions, failing to keep up with truck maintenance and inspections, and more, they may also be held liable for negligent hiring practices. Once this has been done, an injury case may be brought against the at-fault party for medical bills, wage loss, pain and suffering, and other losses in connection with the truck accident.

Proving economic and non-economic damages in a truck accident case may be a challenging process, and the other side may be unwilling to make things right with the claimant. Establishing a strong argument for these damages will often require the testimony of expert witnesses, such as accident reconstruction experts, economists, physicians, and more. Proving the extent of accident-related losses may be challenging, but when you have the right injury lawyer at your side, you can rest assured, knowing that all aspects of your case will be handled accordingly. This is especially important when evidence demonstrative of the other side’s negligence must be gathered and preserved before it is lost or destroyed over time. Your accident attorney can assist with that by sending a letter of preservation of evidence to the at-fault parties. Finding the right lawyer in your area to manage your case may be stressful, particularly if you are unsure of what to look for in one. Watch this video to get an idea of how to find the right attorney to represent you.

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