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June 12, 2023
Edward Smith

Big Rig Crash Reported on Byron Highway

The Contra Costa County Fire Protection District and the California Highway Patrol reported injuries in a recent big rig crash on Byron Highway. The incident occurred at approximately 6:40 a.m. on Byron Highway close to Camino Diablo and involved a big rig and a sedan.

Details on the Big Rig Crash Reported on Byron Highway

A preliminary release revealed that Engine 92 from CCCFPD was dispatched to the crash site and located three patients with serious injuries. Two additional semi-trucks were involved in the collision, officials said. A medical helicopter and three AMR units were requested at the scene of the accident.

Two patients were transported via ground ambulance, and another was taken by air ambulance to local hospitals for treatment. CHP traffic officers have not released additional information on the incident. An investigation into the big rig crash is ongoing.

Importance of Working With an Attorney on a Commercial Trucking Accident Case

A traffic accident involving a big rig may involve traumatic injuries and significant losses. If someone else is to blame for the crash, the at-fault party may be held liable for damages incurred. It is crucial to work with an injury attorney to ensure that all aspects of the case are handled appropriately, including:

  • Investigation: After a semi-truck collision, an independent investigation is conducted by an attorney to determine the cause of the incident and collect evidence before it is altered or destroyed. In commercial truck accident cases, letters of preservation of evidence must be sent to the other side, and a skilled attorney will ensure that it occurs promptly.
  • Liability: Accidents involving large commercial trucks may involve more than one party. This may include the maintenance provider of the big rig, truck manufacturer, third-party loading company, trucking company, truck driver, etc. Liability may be established through factors like faulty truck parts, insufficient vehicle maintenance, violations of trucking regulations, truck driver negligence, and more.
  • Compensation: In a big rig crash case, an injured party may seek reimbursement for medical costs, wage loss, pain and suffering, long-term disability, and other losses associated with the collision. Calculating and proving the extent of economic and non-economic damages is a crucial part of the legal process, and an attorney will work to ensure that all past and future losses are accounted for.
  • Negotiations: An attorney will work with insurers and defense counsel to reach a resolution of the matter. This is generally through an insurance settlement. There are some instances where a mutual settlement agreement cannot be reached for a commercial truck accident case. In such circumstances, it may be necessary for a lawyer to file the matter in civil court and move forward with litigating the case.

Given the challenges involved in semi-truck accident cases, it is essential to retain legal counsel right away. Your truck accident lawyer will have the experience, skills, and resources to navigate the legal process and advocate for your rights to seek full financial recovery.

Is it Expensive to Retain Legal Counsel for a Big Rig Crash Case?

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