Big Rig Accident Near Clearlake Caused Major Injuries

Highway 20 Big Rig Accident in Collision With Jeep

A big rig accident involving a Jeep occurred northeast of Clearlake on February 23, resulting in significant injuries. The collision happened around 3:32 p.m. along westbound Highway 20, blocking the lane. The big rig driver called the California Highway Patrol (CHP) to report the collision. 

Major Injuries Reported in Big Rig Accident

Upon arrival, medics determined that a patient in the Jeep had suffered major injuries, and they were transported to a hospital. Tow trucks were called to remove both vehicles, including the semi that was hauling 80,000 pounds of apple juice. Authorities informed motorists that one-way traffic along Highway 20 would be in effect for 1 ½ to two hours while the scene was cleared.

Vehicle Rollovers

Due to their higher center of gravity, SUVs, vans and light trucks are more likely to roll over than other passenger vehicles. Any vehicle can, however, be involved in this type of accident if the circumstances are correct such as when they are struck in a big rig accident. In spite of wearing seat belts, partial ejection is possible.

A Vehicle Rollover Poses Additional Risks

Being involved in a big rig accident can be extremely dangerous because of the possibility of vehicles rolling. Following deployment, the airbags do not provide any additional protection, as they deflate rapidly. A defective seat belt can detach, throwing the occupants about inside the vehicle. Seat belts withstand about 1,000 pounds of force but may detach in a violent collision.

Rollover Ejection in a Big Rig Accident

An occupant who is not wearing a seat restraint or whose belt breaks in a rollover is more likely to be thrown from the vehicle. A driver’s age, lack of experience and vehicle speed can contribute to an ejection accident, which is common among young drivers. Even while surviving an ejection, a vehicle’s driver or occupant can suffer severe brain injuries, multiple fractures, and more. Due to extreme trauma, people ejected from vehicles during accidents are often fatally injured.

Rollover-Related Roof Crush

A rollover accident can cause roof crush. During an accident, a vehicle’s roof and supports can buckle, resulting in its occupants being crushed. The roofs of some automobiles are not designed to support 3.5 times their weight during a rollover, as required by law. There is less survival space inside vehicles when the roof crushes, often resulting in serious injuries such as traumatic brain injury and spinal cord damage.

Keeping the Vehicle Safe After a Rollover

An accident in which the roof of a vehicle collapses can be because of defects or lack of structural strength in the vehicle. Therefore, it is essential to retain the vehicle. A careful inspection of the vehicle can reveal whether the accident was caused by roof crush or a defective part. A defective part in the vehicle or crush roof injury can lead to an auto product liability claim for compensation against the manufacturer. 

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