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April 13, 2023
Edward Smith

Big Rig Overturns and Splits Apart on Northbound I-5

A big rig accident occurred in Willows, southeast of Chico, on April 7 when the driver lost control of the vehicle for reasons as yet to be determined. The crash occurred around 10:42 a.m. along northbound I-5 just north of the County Road 39 off-ramp. The semi first went off the road and struck a tree, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), which resulted in a rollover accident. 

Overturned Big Rig Accident Requires Massive Clean Up

The truck accident did not block the roadway. According to the police report, the cab of the big rig separated from the frame as well as the engine. Farm produce was spilled all over the right-hand side of the roadway, requiring massive cleanup. 

Accident Investigation Underway to Determine Cause of Big Rig Accident

Cleanup was estimated to take two or three hours. At the time of this report, no information had been released on injuries to the driver. No other vehicles were involved in the crash. The CHP is determining what happened to cause the big rig accident.  

How a Big Rig Wreck Can Impact Passenger Vehicles

Big rig crashes, also known as semi-truck or tractor-trailer collisions, can have a significant impact on passenger vehicles. The size and weight of a big rig can cause severe damage to smaller vehicles, leading to injuries, property damage and even fatalities. Here are some of the ways that a big rig crash can impact passenger vehicles:

  • Severe damage: Due to the size and weight of big rigs, they can cause significant damage to passenger vehicles. The force of impact can crush smaller vehicles, causing them to be totaled and leaving drivers and passengers with severe injuries.
  • Multiple vehicle collisions: Big rig accidents often involve multiple vehicles, which can increase the risk of injury and damage to passenger vehicles. When a big rig collides with a smaller vehicle, it can cause a chain reaction of collisions involving other cars on the road.
  • Reduced visibility: Big rigs have larger blind spots compared to passenger vehicles, which can make it challenging for truck drivers to see smaller cars. This can lead to accidents, especially when passenger vehicles are driving in the truck’s blind spot.
  • Spilled cargo: Big rigs often carry heavy cargo, and if they are involved in an accident, the cargo can spill onto the road, causing additional hazards for other drivers. Spilled cargo can also cause accidents, especially if drivers are unable to avoid the debris.
  • Traffic congestion: Big rig collisions can cause traffic congestion, which can lead to delays and frustration for drivers. Congestion can also increase the risk of additional accidents on the road.

Recovering Compensation After an Accident With the Help of an Injury Lawyer

You might be able to recover compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and other forms of damages if a negligent trucker caused your injuries. An injury lawyer can help you pursue the compensation you need and deserve following a serious accident.

An injury lawyer will review all aspects of your case, will make sure that all of your rights are protected and that you get the best outcome possible. An injury lawyer can also negotiate with insurance companies to get the maximum amount of compensation for you.

Willows Personal Injury Lawyer 

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