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November 13, 2019
Edward Smith

Bicycle Tire Accidents

A bicycle tire accident can happen at any time, so it is important to be prepared. Unfortunately, bicycle tire accidents are frequently overlooked. When most people think about bicycle accidents, they think about losing their balance, striking an object in the middle of the road, or even getting struck by a motor vehicle. Few people think about their own tires leading to an accident; however, these types of incidents can actually lead to serious injuries.

For this reason, it is important for everyone to think about bicycle tire accidents and the potential injuries they can cause. Bicycle accidents often happened when people least expect them, making them even more dangerous.

How Does a Bicycle Tire Accident Happen?

Most people understand that their tires need to be properly inflated. Improper tire pressure is one of the most common causes of a bicycle accident. If someone is riding on underinflated tires, this can place too much stress on the frame of the bike. As a result, the tires don’t ride smoothly and riders could lose their balance, leading to a fall.

There is another more serious cause of bicycle tire accidents. If people are riding downhill and brake too frequently to slow their speed, this can actually cause the tire to heat up. If the tire overheats, it could burst. This can lead to an incredibly serious bicycle accident that will likely result in serious injuries.

Why Might a Tire Overheat?

Even though braking while riding downhill can cause a tire to heat up, it doesn’t always rupture. There are a few factors that make a tire more likely to rupture due to overheating. First, it is possible that there might have been a manufacturing or structural issues that damaged the integrity of the bicycle tire. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to make sure their tires are safe for use. If there is an issue with the way the tire is made, it might make it more likely for the tire to rupture.

The bicycle also needs to be maintained on a regular basis. It is important for everyone to take care of their bikes. If they let the frame of the bike fall into a state of disrepair, the tire will more likely rupture. All bicycles should be maintained on a regular basis and tires should be replaced when they wear down.

What Injuries Might Result From This Accident?

If cyclists lose control of their bikes at high speed due to a ruptured tire, they are prone to suffering serious injuries. Sometimes, bikers can land directly on their faces. This can lead to serious facial injuries that might include a broken nose, a fractured jaw, or direct facial fractures.

Dental injuries are also common following this accident. People are prone to losing teeth when they lose control of their bikes and strike the pavement at high speeds.

Finally, whenever someone suffers a bicycle accident at high speeds, they are also at risk of suffering a traumatic brain injury. For this reason, it is important for everyone to wear a helmet. A bicycle tire accident can happen when people least expect them, so it is important to be prepared at all times.

Watch YouTube Video: Proper Bike Tire Inflation – Why Did My Tube Explode? The video below discusses the proper way to inflate your bicycle tire to avoid a rupture.

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