Bicycle Injury Occurs in Antelope After Collision With Pickup

Antelope North Road Accident Injures Minor

A bicycle injury happened in Antelope on February 18 when the rider was involved in a collision with a pickup truck. According to the police report by the California Highway Patrol (CHP), the accident occurred around 4:22 in the afternoon along Antelope North Road, where it crosses Poker Lane. A juvenile on a bicycle was found to have suffered head and neck injuries by emergency responders with the Sacramento Fire Department. 

Additional Information About the Bicycle Injury Accident

First responders transported the minor to a hospital for evaluation and additional treatment. The driver of the pickup remained at the scene. The bicycle injury accident is currently under investigation to determine how it occurred.

Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle accidents often cause serious injuries, especially when the rider is struck by a motor vehicle. Because of their lack of protection, a rider may suffer:

  • Head injuries, including traumatic brain injury, can occur as a result of a bicycle accident. Although concussions heal within a few months usually, other TBIs can result in life-long disability.
  • Broken bones generally heal within a few weeks. However, compound fractures or crush injuries can require surgical repair and take much longer to heal, which can be incapacitating.
  • Abdominal trauma can cause internal bleeding and organ damage. Either of those conditions usually calls for emergency surgical intervention.
  • Spinal cord injuries may result in temporary or partial paralysis. The extent depends on the location of the separation. Those who are partially or totally paralyzed require full-time attendant care and expensive medical costs continue throughout their lifetime.

Investigating a Bicycle Accident

To file a compensation claim after being injured in a bicycle accident, it must be shown that another person or entity was the cause. Our investigators are experienced in finding the evidence that can support a client’s claim. This includes:

  • The investigators examine the bicycle to see if a defect in engineering or a part caused the bicycle injury accident. If it did, a product liability claim may be placed against the manufacturer.
  • They look at road evidence such as marks on the other vehicle and damage to the bicycle, which can show how the collision occurred. This is part of accident reconstruction that indicates the positioning of the vehicles before the crash occurred, how it happened, and where the vehicles ended up. This type of evidence often shows fault and is widely used both in civil court and by insurance companies as proof.
  • The police report is reviewed for mistakes, and witnesses are interviewed. In some cases, a witness might have filmed the accident on their camera.
  • Traffic and roadway cameras are examined in the area to see if any of them caught the accident on video. This provides strong evidence of which party was at fault for the bicycle injury.
  • The area is checked for roadway negligence. This can include poor lighting, potholes, soft shoulders, and missing signage. If government neglect proves to be responsible for the bicycle injury accident, that entity can be held responsible financially.

When the evidence has been gathered, our injury attorneys go to work to construct a robust case that benefits our client’s compensation claim.

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