Berkeley 4th of July Celebrations: Stay Safe and Enjoy the Festivities


Berkeley 4th of July Celebrations: Stay Safe and Enjoy the Festivities

I’m Ed Smith, a Berkeley personal injury lawyer. Independence Day in Berkeley is being celebrated at the Berkeley Marina, and a large crowd will be on hand to see the fireworks, listen to live entertainment and enjoy the food. The fourth celebrates our nation’s independence and firework displays, both public and private are common. Safe handling is expected. Driving safety is an important consideration too since people will be coming by motor vehicle, public transit, by bicycle and on foot. I hope that everyone has a great time and stays safe to enjoy the day.

Event Details

The 4th of July event is scheduled to run from 12:00 noon until 10:00 p.m. Fireworks are scheduled for 9:35 p.m. The best areas to view the fireworks will be from the parking lot at HS Lordship or Frontage Drive on the south side of the pier.

Adventure Playground

Children will have fun building sandcastles, splashing in the water or riding a zipline. They can also get creative with hammers, nails, saws and paint under parental supervision. Carnival and pony rides, skating, a petting zoo and a lot more will keep your children busy.

Scheduled Entertainment

Entertainment includes groups such as Bautista, Mobility, St. Gabriel’s Celestial Brass Band and The Funkanauts to Lee Waterman and Jazz Caliente. Raymond Brown, a retired educator, will be reciting the Declaration of Independence at the main stage shortly after 7:00 p.m. There will also be comedy and juggling acts, a Capoeira demonstration, a one-man band, steel drum player and Cuban rumba drummers.

Adults can enjoy a free ride on one of the Dragon boats crewed by the Berkeley Canoe Racing Club. They are also welcome to bring along a kite to fly at the kite park. Parents are encouraged to bring along a wagon or stroller to make it easier for them and their children. Dogs are welcome too as long as they are leashed. Pet owners are also reminded to bring along a doggy bag and water dish. If your pet is disturbed by loud noises, they are better off staying home.

Food Offerings

A variety of food stalls will be available to purchase anything from burgers and pizza to gourmet food and popsicles. Barbecue grills, hibachis and open fires will not be allowed.

The Duty of Care

Individuals are expected to act in a responsible way, keeping others safe, whether it’s on the road or setting off firework displays. In fact, special care is needed during holiday festivities.

For instance, drivers traveling to and from 4th of July parties or city festivities are required to behave in a prudently reasonable way when on the road or in parking lots. Negligence occurs when a driver behaves in a way that injures another person or the person’s property. This may be because the driver ignored traffic laws, was drinking and driving or distracted.

If you have been injured due to a negligent driver or your property has been damaged, you have two years in which to file a claim. A lawyer experienced in personal injury law may help by reviewing your case, dealing with insurance companies and filing a lawsuit to recover those damages if necessary.

Firework Displays

Public firework displays are handled by expert vendors, but home-based fireworks are not. In California, only certain types of fireworks are allowed to be used by the general public and they must be certified as safe as described in a state handbook. Care must be taken too, aiming the firework away from bystanders.

Each year the number of emergency visits peak in July due to firework mishandling. Almost 8,000 victims of burns or other serious injuries such as amputations are seen in the ER due to fireworks. Forty-two percent of victims are under 20 years of age and 11 people were killed in 2015.


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