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Auto Accidents and PTSD


Auto Accidents and PTSD

I’m Ed Smith, a West Sacramento car accident lawyer. Car collisions may be one of the most frightening events a person may experience in their life. Emotional trauma following a car accident is our topic today.

Psychological Injuries from Auto Accidents

When a victim has been traumatically injured in a car accident, they may also suffer from psychological wounds. These types of wounds can be just as agonizing as physical trauma in the way that they alter the lifestyle of a victim. Oftentimes, after a person has suffered injuries from a car accident, they frequently worry and relive the moments of the crash through their everyday interactions. If this worry continues to affect the regular habits of a person after weeks or even months, the person may suffer from post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD).

Post-Accident PTSD Symptoms

When some think of PTSD, war veterans come to mind. However, victims that have involved in car accidents may suffer similar emotional effects from PTSD. Post-accident PTSD symptoms may disrupt your way of living and even making it harder to carry out your daily activities.

  • Anger, irritability and worry
  • Chronic anxiety or unease
  • Difficulty or inability to operate a motor vehicle
  • Difficulty riding as a passenger in someone else’s car
  • Insomnia and/or bad dreams
  • Frequent thoughts of the crash

Dealing with PTSD

Those who suffer from PTSD may not be aware of the resources that are available. The most effective way to reduce stress due to auto accident-related PTSD symptoms is talking about it with family and friends. However, if you find that the problem is persisting in your life and interferes with your daily activities, it’s time to see your doctor.

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