Auburn Bicycle Accidents

Auburn Bicycle Accidents

Auburn Bicycle Accidents

I’m Ed Smith, an Auburn bicycle accident lawyer. With the beginning of summer closely approaching, more and more people will be choosing to ride a bicycle as their means of transportation and leisure. While biking is good for the environment and has great health benefits, riding a bike also comes with certain dangers. Bicyclists usually have to share the road with motor vehicles, meaning that an accident between the two is likely to result in lasting injuries for the cyclist. Those who frequently ride their bikes in the city of Auburn may be interested in reading statistics about bicycle accidents in the area.

Comparing Accidents

Information gathered by researchers at the University of California in Berkeley shows that bicycle accidents are less common in Auburn than in the largest nearby city, Sacramento. Out of 395 traumatic traffic accidents that took place in Auburn between 2009 to 2017, only 16 (just under five percent) of them involved a cyclist. In Sacramento, nearly eight percent of car crashes involved cyclists. Additionally, there was around one injury-related bicycle crash for every 250 Sacramento residents. For Auburn, there was only around one crash for every 870 residents. In other words, Sacramento residents were nearly three times as likely to be injured in one of these collisions than those living in Auburn. The population for bicycle accident rates were almost the same for all of Placer County and the city of Sacramento. This means that bike accidents in Placer are more common in locations outside of Auburn city limits.

Accident Locations

A few roadway locations in Auburn have seen more cyclist injuries than others. These areas include:

  • Sacramento Street near Auburn Folsom Road
  • Fulweiler Avenue near Highway 49
  • High Street near Placer High School
  • Palm Avenue at Highway 49

Bicycle Accident Injuries

Bicycle accidents frequently result in serious injuries since those riding bicycles do not have the same protection from impacts as vehicle occupants. In fact, bicycle accidents in Auburn were nearly twice as likely to involve severe injury than collisions between vehicles. When a cyclist is hit by a car, they are at risk for suffering a wide range of injuries. Injured cyclists often suffer traumatic brain injuries, liver trauma, bone fractures, spleen injuries and more. Many of these injuries can leave people with persistent symptoms or, in severe cases, cost the cyclist their life.

Paying for Damages

Cyclists who are struck by negligent motorists are sometimes left with high medical bills. Injured cyclists may undergo difficulties in performing their necessary daily tasks or even working, further leading to a loss of income. In these types of cases, survivors may file a claim for damages from those responsible for the wreck. Contact an experienced bicycle accident lawyer in Auburn for more information.

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Auburn Bicycle Accident Lawyer

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