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Artificial Intelligence in Our Vehicles

Artificial Intelligence in our Vehicles

Artificial Intelligence in Our Vehicles

I’m Ed Smith, a Pittsburg car accident lawyer. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is exponentially developing in motor vehicles sold today, which comes to no shock to those keeping up with modern automotive news. Automakers are increasing AI to strengthen the relationship between drivers and their vehicles while maintaining safety and satisfaction.

Yui: Toyota’s Groundbreaking AI Concept Car

A concept car from Toyota was unveiled at a 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The artificial intelligence of the concept car has been named Yui, which has brought a new face to the future of motor vehicles. Yui, or also referred by Toyota as “Concept-i”, has a multifaceted set of purposes, from monitoring the driver’s level of attentiveness, recognizing driving patterns, tracking a day-to-day schedule and more. Yui has been developed by Toyota to anticipate the needs of a driver as well as inform the system of the car to act in accord and ensure your safety.

Biometric Sensors that Connect the Motor Vehicle to the Motorist

Toyota’s “Concept-i” will have biometric sensors installed, which are intended to analyze the emotions of the driver and act accordingly to prevent or mitigate an auto accident. These sensors also assist in determining whether the driver is drowsy and will alert the driver through a vibration. If the sensor detects signs of anxiousness from the driver, the seats can be automatically adjusted to increase their comfort.

Interest in AI Vehicles is Growing

Toyota is not the only automaker that has put considerable effort and time into creating vehicles with artificial intelligence. The Honda Motor Company has recently established a partnership with Softbank, a telecommunications company, to produce updated AI systems. Ford has also been actively pursuing the use of AI to further advance autonomous features. With the endless advances in motor vehicle technology, there is no question that self-driving cars will be a common sight on the roads in the years to come.

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