Arrest Made in San Francisco Hit-and-Run Fatality Accident

Two Accidents by Same Driver Cause Fatality and Injuries

A driver in a fatality accident was placed under arrest after being involved in two separate collisions in the Mission District of San Francisco. The collisions resulted in injuries and one fatality on January 22. The initial accident occurred at the 16th Street intersection with Capp Street around 2:11 a.m. and involved a pedestrian, according to the San Francisco Police Department

Pedestrian Hospitalized After Being Struck by Fleeing Vehicle

The pedestrian, an adult female, suffered injuries that were not life-threatening and was taken to a hospital. A video of the accident scene showed a vehicle pushed onto the sidewalk on 16th Street with significant damage. The driver fled from the scene after committing the hit-and-run.

Passenger in Hit-and-Run Died in Fatality Accident

The second collision occurred at 16th Street near Potrero and allegedly involved the exact vehicle and driver. Two adult males were found inside the vehicle, both injured. Although paramedics arrived at the scene and transported both men to a hospital, the passenger in the vehicle died. Injuries to the suspected driver were non-life-threatening. 

Authorities Seek Information in Fatality Accident

Although the driver was arrested, the charges against him have not been released by authorities. The investigation into the accidents is ongoing. The SFPD calls those with information at (415) 5750-4444. They can also text TIP411 and are asked to begin the message with SFPD.

Responsibility of Motorists to Avoid an Injury or Fatality Accident

Motorists have a responsibility for the safety of the passengers in their vehicles. They also have a duty of care toward others sharing the roadway. When they cause a collision either through negligence or intentionally, they can be held responsible for an injury or fatality accident. 

Accident Investigation for Traffic Fatalities and Injuries

The at-fault party is responsible for compensating the injured or those who lost a loved one due to their negligence in a traffic collision under California law. Many trauma cases and those involving traffic fatalities have been successfully resolved by our injury attorneys at

It is possible to recover the compensation a grieving family or injured party deserves by having an attorney collect the evidence necessary to support the claim.

  • Police responders’ incident reports are reviewed to determine their accuracy.
  • Photographs are taken at the site of a traffic injury or fatality, along with examining the area, including whether road maintenance was neglected.
  • It is important to interview all witnesses to a traffic accident that resulted in a fatality or injury.
  • A check is made to see if the accident has been captured on surveillance cameras in the area as it happened.
  • Accident reconstruction helps investigators determine how the traffic fatality or injury occurred. 

An injury or fatality accident involving our clients results in compensation or wrongful death claims, which our lawyers establish based on the evidence they collect through our investigators.

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