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Arden Arcade Intersection Accident

Arden Arcade Intersection Accident

An Arden Arcade intersection crash between a motor vehicle and a motorcycle on March 11 resulted in injury to the biker. The accident was reported at about 6:25 in the evening at Morse Avenue and Churchill Road. An ambulance was called out for the motorcyclist, who suffered unknown injuries. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) is in charge of the investigation into the accident to determine how it happened and to place fault.

Motorcycle Accidents Often Cause Injuries and Fatalities

Motorcycle accidents are more dangerous than a car accident because the rider is not surrounded by the protection a motorist has with all the added safety devices. That lack of protection can lead to a serious injury or fatality when an accident happens. For this reason, it is important that motorists and motorcycle riders both learn safety measures that can lower the risk of an Arden Arcade intersection accident. Reasons that negligence can contribute to an accident between motor vehicles and motorcycles include:

  • A motor vehicle turns in front of a motorcyclist: This is the most common reason for traffic accidents between motorcycles and other motorists. Often, the driver will say that they never saw the approaching motorcycle.
  • Head on collisions: These types of crashes happen at Arden Arcade intersections and when a motorist is passing in an unsafe spot along a two-lane road.
  • Rear end crashes: Motorists who are driving distracted may fail to see a motorcycle ahead of them and cause an Arden Arcade intersection crash.
  • Collisions while turning: Motorcycle accidents in turn lanes can happen when a motorist changes lanes while in the process of turning in an intersection, crowding a motorcycle rider.

Motorcyclist Error in an Accident

Not all Arden Arcade intersection collisions are caused by the driver of a motor vehicle. The motorcyclist may be negligent in some of these instances. Forms of negligence include:

  • Improper lane splitting: Lane splitting should be done only when the traffic is moving no faster than 30 mph. In addition, the rider should never go faster than 10 mph above the traffic’s speed.
  • Under the influence of drugs or alcohol: Drugs and alcohol play a major role in many traffic collisions every year. If a rider has been drinking or using drugs, they should avoid riding a motorcycle or getting behind the wheel of a car.
  • Lack of safety training: Taking a motorcycle riding course can help avoid an Arden Arcade intersection crash. Advanced courses teach evasive riding and techniques to avoid a crash, which can be helpful.

Seeking Help After a Car Accident

A seasoned personal injury attorney who is experienced in handling motorcycle accidents can offer good advice on whether you have a claim if you or a loved one is injured by a negligent driver. Because these types of accidents can cause serious injuries, the injured person should not have to bear the brunt of medical costs, time away from work and other expenses. A lawyer can help by explaining to you what your options are, investigating the accident and presenting a case in civil court if the insurance company refuses to offer what you need to cover your costs.

Arden Arcade Personal Injury Lawyer

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