America’s Got Talent Part of Wrongful Death Lawsuit

America's Got Talent Part of Wrongful Death Lawsuit

America’s Got Talent Part of Wrongful Death Lawsuit

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento wrongful death lawyer. Public buildings and businesses that use the buildings for various venues have the dual responsibility of keeping the premises safe and providing clear access for those who are disabled. When that responsibility is broken due to negligent actions by the public entity and someone dies as a result of that, a wrongful death lawsuit can be filed.

Example of Wrongful Death Due to Negligence

America’s Got Talent, NBCUniversal and the City of Pasadena are defendants in a wrongful death lawsuit filed in Superior Court of California for the County of Los Angeles on March 7, 2018. The lawsuit claims that both the city and NBCUniversal and producers of the show are responsible for a woman’s wrongful death due to injuries she suffered on March 26, 2017.

Details of the Lawsuit

The woman in question, Maureen Allen, was volunteering at an engineering and science fair at the Pasadena Civic Center. The show, America’s Got Talent, was about to do an episode in the civic center. Trailers and production equipment for the show were already on the premises and, according to the wrongful death claim, were blocking disabled access to the civic center except for one access ramp. In order to reach the ramp, a person who was disabled would be forced to move around what is described in the lawsuit as a protector for a power cord.

Injury to Disabled Woman

Allen, who was using a motorized wheelchair when attempting to do this, fell and injured her head, arm, and hip on the pavement. She was taken to Huntington Memorial Hospital where she developed a blood clot on the brain and had a stroke the following day. She endured hip surgery for a fractured hip, performed on March 30, and other procedures and was placed in the Mars Lora nursing home on April 11. By the end of that month, a full hip replacement was also done. In total, the woman underwent eight or more surgical procedures. Her condition deteriorated, and on June 23, she was placed on a respirator. She died two days later on June 25.


The lawsuit claims that the liability is shared by:

  • The City of Pasadena: The lawsuit specified that the city failed in its obligations under Government Code 815.6 to protect people from injury by inspecting, permitting and warning of the danger among other omissions.  Specifically, the dangerous conditions surrounding the access ramp were known ahead of time, and the city or its employees had ample time to correct the problem before Allen fell. In addition, it failed to provide disability access to the facility, and warn of dangers associated with the remaining ramp.
  • NBCUniversal and AGT: NBCUniversal and others were deemed responsible for the accident by not taking care to keep the premises safe as well as not warning of the dangerous conditions.
  • Americans With Disabilities Act:  Both NBCUniversal and others connected with America’s Got Talent, as well as the City of Pasadena, were said to have violated the law by obstructing and making access ramps for disabled persons dangerous. This is in direct violation of the law protecting everyone’s right to be able to gain access and enjoy the rights of access. This law holds for anyone who owns, leases or operates within the facility.

Public Building Access and Safety

Access to public buildings is meant for everyone. In addition, state laws specify that a public entity is responsible for the safety of those who enter a public facility. When this duty is breached and someone dies as a result of it, the family can file a wrongful death suit against the responsible party. Beyond this, a group or specific party who uses the public facility is responsible for making sure they in no way interfered with the safety of others.

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