Amazon Trucks Add to Traffic Woes in Natomas

Traffic Problems on I-80 and Garden Highway Increase Due to Amazon Trucks

Traffic along Interstate 80 and the Garden Highway in Natomas has gotten a lot worse since Amazon constructed a 1 million-square-foot fulfillment center in 2017. In addition to the dozens of delivery trucks that leave the center each day on their rounds, the facility employs 2,000 workers, which also adds to the congestion. Residents along Garden Highway are not at all happy about the increase in traffic. One member of the Garden Highway Community Association reported that he had counted up to 32 of Amazon’s delivery trucks traveling in a row. This highlights the growth of Natomas and the other counties near Sacramento and increasing traffic problems.

Plans to Deal With Area Growth

Area transportation planners are certainly aware of the growing problem with traffic bottlenecks and increased traffic on local roads. While they’ve been working on projects to increase light rail and improve freeway and bridge traffic, the improvements have not been funded yet. It is unsure whether these planned improvements can even handle the growth in the expected area.

Multi-Use Lanes Planned for the Future

Plans are being made by highway officials with the state to add multi-use lanes along the Garden Highway in both directions that will go through Natomas. However, it may be 2025 before this happens and might include a toll lane. Although some motorists might be willing to pay to reach their destinations more quickly, it is likely that some won’t. In addition, Caltrans is looking for ways to widen the bridge crossing the American River on I-5 between Natomas and the downtown area.

Amazon Accidents With Motor Vehicles

Accidents with Amazon trucks are not uncommon and may be related to the huge number of deliveries drivers are expected to make in a day. A multiple-vehicle crash this month in Dixon involved an Amazon truck that crossed the centerline and collided with a big rig. This led to a chain reaction collision where one passenger vehicle split in half and overturned. Multiple serious injuries were reported. Another accident involving an Amazon Prime truck in Yolo County a few months ago injured two children and five adults riding in a pickup resulting in major injuries.

Help From an Experienced Lawyer

Having an injury lawyer by your side can make a big difference in whether or not you obtain the compensation you need following an accident injury. We send our investigative team to the accident site right away to gather evidence, which starts with reviewing reports from police officers at the scene and talking to witnesses. They perform accident reconstruction and look for any cameras in the area from traffic surveillance or businesses, which provide strong evidence to support your claim. Investigators check for signs the at-fault driver was negligent from texting while driving or speeding to being under the influence or running a stoplight. Once all evidence is compiled, our lawyers go to work to build a robust case for compensation. The evidence can be used as we negotiate for you with the insurance company or prepare a case for civil court. 

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