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August 02, 2015
Edward Smith

Insurance Companies Unfair Offer

Are insurance companies giving you what you feel is an unfair offer on your auto accident?

As a Sacramento Auto Accident Lawyer since 1982, I am often asked why the offers from insurance companies are so low.

“Why are they treating me this way. I wasn’t in the wrong, their insured was.” These people are shocked that the above companies, joined by most others in the auto insurance industry seem to treat them so badly.

The above video series by CNN reveals that the way these companies treat people involved in accidents is a well-crafted policy to lower claim costs by Delaying, denying and defending. It isn’t necessarily the individual adjuster handling your claim who is lowballing you, it’s really a companywide, in fact, industrywide approach to maximizing profit.

If these companies delay your claim they get to utilize and earn interest on reserves in their accounts. In the meantime, injured clients are worrying about ever-increasing medical bills, lost wages and interference with the activities of their daily life.

Sometimes they will outright deny your claim and hope you get discouraged and go away.

If you ultimately hire an attorney and file a lawsuit, they often defend that lawsuit aggressively, running up court costs and hoping by a process of attrition that you will just “give up” and “Go away”.

Sadly, the above video series is not biased. The claims that are treated with disdain are legion.

Here’s a link to a site where dismayed people dealing with State Farm Insurance set out their experiences.

And here’s a site where accident victims dealing with Allstate detail their experiences.

These are not, by any means, the only companies treating people with disdain and neglect. Here are a few others to look at:

Farmers Insurance. Mercury Insurance, Progressive Insurance, and CSAA can be even worse, at times.

This video goes behind the scenes and shows a no hold bars view of how the insurance industry plays the claims game.

The only real chance an injured person has against these insurance behemoths is to find an experienced personal injury attorney to help them.

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