Alleged DUI Driver Kills Fairfield Man in Traffic Crash

Fatal Accident on Sonoma Boulevard Reportedly Caused by DUI Driver

A suspected DUI driver was placed under arrest and is facing charges of vehicular manslaughter following a fatal accident in Vallejo. Officers arrived at the accident scene on Sonoma Boulevard between Garibaldi and Sereno drives around 8:00 p.m. Although the name of the person who died in the collision has yet to be released, the Vallejo Police Department reported he was a Fairfield man, age 44.

BMW Strikes Two Vehicles on the Side of the Road

The collision occurred when a reported DUI driver in a BMW SUV struck the rear of a Chevy that had been disabled along the road, as well as a 1999 Honda. The driver of the Honda had stopped to assist the people inside the disabled Chevy. The man from Fairfield was outside the Chevy and was struck, suffering fatal injuries. 

DUI Driver Facing Charge of Vehicular Manslaughter

In addition, two others were injured. The BMW driver was booked into jail for alleged drunk driving and possibly vehicular manslaughter and was identified as a Vallejo man, age 30. The accident is being investigated by the Vallejo police to determine what happened.

Drunk Driving That Causes a Fatality

In California, if an individual is convicted of DUI, resulting in a fatality, the consequences can be severe. Depending on the circumstances, a DUI driver may face criminal charges such as gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated or second-degree murder. Conviction for either of these offenses can result in lengthy prison sentences and significant fines. In addition to criminal consequences, the offender may face civil liability for wrongful death and survival actions initiated by the surviving family members of the deceased.

Wrongful Death Claims

If a drunk driver causes an accident in California, leading to a fatality, they may be liable to pay economic damages as well as non-economic damages. Economic damages may include costs associated with funeral expenses as well as wages and benefits until the decedent’s retirement age. In contrast, non-economic damages might encompass the pain and suffering experienced by the deceased’s family members.

Punitive Damages Due to a DUI Driver Fatality Accident

Additionally, if it is determined that a drunk driver was operating his or her vehicle in an especially reckless manner – such as driving at excessive speeds or weaving in and out of traffic – they may be subject to punitive damages designed to punish the intoxicated individual and to deter others from engaging in similar behavior. Punitive damages are awarded in addition to, not instead of, those recovered in a wrongful death lawsuit.

What a Lawyer Does to Support Your Family’s Wrongful Death Claim

When a family suffers the wrongful death of a loved one, they are entitled to seek compensation for their loss. A lawyer can help them do this by providing legal advice and guidance throughout the process. The lawyer will review all relevant evidence and build a strong case in order to prove the wrongful death claim and can negotiate with the insurance company on their behalf. Finally, the lawyer will help guide the family through court proceedings if necessary, including gathering witness testimonies, submitting evidence and representing the family in court.

Fairfield Wrongful Death Lawyer

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