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January 21, 2020
Edward Smith

Driver Charged With Drunk Driving in Antelope Pedestrian Death

A drunk driver may have caused the death of a pedestrian, age 65, along south Walerga Road in Antelope on January 19, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP). The pedestrian was identified as a North Highlands resident named George James Xedes. The accident happened around 12:35 in the morning close to Elverta Road as the man was walking on the roadway and was struck by an older Toyota Corolla being driven by a Rocklin man, age 25. First responders declared The pedestrian deceased, with the Sacramento Fire Department about 10 minutes later.

Drunk Driver Arrested Following Collision

The driver of the Toyota remained at the pedestrian accident scene cooperating with police, and was placed under arrest around 1:14 a.m. The charge placed against the man was suspicion of drunk driving. Walerga Road southbound remained closed for an hour or more while an investigation into the crash ensued. 

The Dangers of Drunk Driving

According to the National Safety Council, there were 10,511 fatalities caused by drunk drivers around the nation in 2018. Most of these crash fatalities due to drunk driving occurred in motorists between the ages of 25 and 34. Of all the fatalities caused by drunk driving in 2018, 16 percent showed a BAC level below 0.08, the legal limit. This illustrates how important it is for drivers to not get behind the wheel of a car if they have been drinking. 

Following the Loss of a Loved One

Losing a loved one is always a terrible experience, but it can be even worse when a negligent driver causes untimely death. The family may face feelings of anger, intense grief, and shock. The family can at least feel that justice was served by placing a claim for wrongful death. Following a sudden death of this type, friends and family can be of help to those who are bereaved in the following ways:

  • Being a good listener is a crucial way to help a grieving person. Grief-stricken people often need to talk to help cope with those feelings.
  • Offer to run errands such as picking up prescriptions, taking children to school, or shopping for groceries.
  • Offer to accompany the grieving person to make the funeral and burial arrangements. This can be a challenging time for them. Having a shoulder to lean on can help.
  • Invite the grieving person out for a meal or an outing. A change of scenery can remind them that life goes on. After the funeral, this is important because being there for them afterward shows how much you care and keeps them from feeling cut off from life.

Assistance From a Law Firm

Substantial evidence is needed for a person injured by negligence to obtain the compensation they deserve. An experienced personal injury attorney can help you do just that. In my office, our investigators immediately head to the crash scene to collect evidence. They interview the witnesses and check for errors in the police report. The investigators look for traffic and business cameras that might have caught the accident on tape. They perform accident reconstruction to show how the collision happened and check for any roadway damage that might have contributed to the accident. In the case of a drunk driver causing an accident, injury, or fatality, a conviction on this charge provides strong evidence for financial compensation. Our lawyers then compile all the information to build a strong case for our client. It can be used in negotiating on the client’s behalf with the insurance company or preparing a case to present in civil court.

Wrongful Death Lawyers in Antelope

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