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April 02, 2019
Edward Smith

Man From Alaska Dies in Redding Area Accident

Police reported that one man lost his life in an accident that happened in a rural location east of Redding in Shasta County on Monday, March 25, 2019. The man was identified by authorities as a 77-year-old resident of the state of Alaska. No other injuries related to the accident have been reported. California Highway Patrol (CHP) has said that they are still investigating this accident in order to determine what factors were involved. I would like to send my support and sympathy to the loved ones of the man who tragically lost his life because of this collision.

Crash Details

CHP stated that the accident happened on Highway 44 a few miles east of Redding on the western edge of the Lassen Volcanic National Park. The Alaskan man had been traveling on Highway 44 when he was involved in a crash that took place near the small community of Old Station. Details about the accident including how many vehicles were involved and whether or not the decedent had been driving were not included in CHP reports.

Responders were dispatched to the accident scene after CHP received calls reporting a serious accident. When officers arrived at the crash, they discovered that the Alaska man had suffered major trauma. Despite best efforts from medical personnel, the man’s injuries were too severe, and he was sadly declared deceased at the site of the accident.


As officers are continuing to investigate this accident, very little has been reported about the circumstances leading up to the collision. CHP investigators are yet to mention what factors they suspect caused the collision. Fatal car accidents can be caused by multiple factors. Common fatal accident factors include driving while distracted by a mobile device, operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs, defective or dangerous vehicle parts, hazards in the road, and more.

Another Recent Redding Fatality

This accident has happened shortly after another fatal Redding area crash that took place on Sunday, March 17, 2019. The accident left one individual with trauma that eventually cost him his life. The crash happened on China Gulch Drive within Redding city limits and took place at about 7:30 in the morning. The decedent had been navigating a curve when his vehicle traveled off of the roadway, overturned, and collided with a nearby tree.

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