Airplane Accident Burn Injuries

Airplane Accident Burn Injuries

Airplane Accident Burn Injuries

Airplane Accident Burn Injuries – The development of airplanes has provided people with new options for transportation that they previously didn’t have. Airplanes and jets have provided people with the ability to fly from place to place all over the world in a matter of hours, connecting people in new ways. However, this also comes with significant risks. Because of the high speed of airplanes, accidents are always serious and airplane accident injuries can involve burns. According to a study on burns that was published by the National Burn Repository:

  • The study was conducted over a 10 year period.
  • About one out of every five burns occurred in toddlers under the age of 5.
  • Around 10 percent of patients were elderly and over the age of 60.
  • 1 percent of all burns are suspected to result from abuse.
  • Scald injuries are most common in young children while electrical burns are typically associated with industrial site accidents.

While the vast majority of burns are relatively minor, this is not the case for burns that develop following an airplane accident. Because of the electrical wiring and the fuel that flows throughout the tubing, burn injuries can be severe.

Airplane Accident Injuries: Burns from Explosions

When an airplane accident occurs, most people associate the crash with a large explosion. The results actually come from a combination of factors. When the collision occurs, the fuel tanks are damaged. This causes fuel to leak out of the lines and throughout the plane. Once this fuel is ignited by a spark from a damaged electrical system, a fire quickly ensues. This fire could potentially engulf the entire cabin, causing serious burn injuries, which need to be treated promptly to avoid disastrous consequences.

Treatment of Severe Airplane Accident Burn Injuries

When someone sustains severe burn injuries from explosive fuel in an airplane crash, there are many important points to keep in mind when the burns are being treated. Some of these include:

  • If there are burns sustained across a large swath of the body, dehydration and infection are highly possible. Most people will require antibiotics and intravenous fluid rehydration.
  • There could be skin grafts required to cover the exposed areas of the body.
  • The pain from burns is severe and narcotic and opioid pain medications are likely needed.

Most individuals will require an extended hospital stay as they recover from their injuries. Once the medical issues have been stabilized, it is important to explore the possible reasons why the accident occurred.

Help from a Personal Injury Attorney Handling Airplane Accidents

When a plane crash occurs, it is always a serious matter. Because airplane accident injuries are almost always serious (due to the speed of the plane and the combustible nature of the fuel), an investigation is still warranted. Some of the possible reasons an airplane crash might occur include:

  • The weather was poor, and visibility was limited, leading to an accident.
  • There was an equipment malfunction on the plane.
  • The pilot was not adequately trained to fly the aircraft.

These are only a few of the many different reasons why a plane crash may have occurred. When this happens, it is important to meet with an airplane crash attorney in Sacramento. The accident should always be investigated fully to ensure that nothing has been overlooked. A lawyer will help you file a claim for personal injury and/or wrongful death of a loved one.

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