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July 28, 2015
Edward Smith

Accident Scene Photos





Taking Photos at the Accident Scene

With nearly everyone carrying smartphones these days, it is usually quite convenient to get good quality accident scene photos.  Remembering to snap key photos at the scene can be very helpful to any sort of damage claim that arises from the accident.  There are certain things that are helpful to document after an automobile accident:

  • An overview of the accident scene from several vantage points;
  • All property damage – detailed photos of the damage to all involved vehicles and any other objects such as a destroyed fence;
  • Any visible injuries to any involved party.
  • Any tire marks on the pavement;
  • The position of the vehicles as they came to rest after the incident;
  •  Any relevant traffic controls – i.e. stop signs  or traffic signals;
  •  Any obstacles affecting view or visibility such as weather/environmental conditions, or signs;
  • Point of view photographs representing the location of drivers and any witnesses; and
  • Any markers showing the position of vehicles before/during a crash, which could include treadmarks, debris, or gouges in the roadway.

Generally, take as many photographs from as many vantage points as possible.  This is especially important if the highway patrol or police do not come to the scene to investigate and do a report.  The pictures may help insurance companies determine liability (fault).

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