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May 18, 2023
Edward Smith

Accident on Elvas Freeway Caused by Big Rig Rear-End Collision

A rear-end collision involving a big rig occurred in Sacramento on May 13, with unknown injuries reported. The accident occurred along northbound S.R. 51 at the N Street off-ramp around 6:55 p.m. According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), the accident occurred when the semi rear-ended the passenger vehicle. 

Authorities Determining the Cause of Big Rig Rear-End Collision

Both vehicles were pulled over on the off-ramp when authorities arrived. CHP traffic collision investigators are determining how the accident happened and will assign fault. 

How a Big Rig Causes a Rear-End Collision

Big rigs and other large commercial vehicles can cause rear-end crashes for a variety of reasons. First, due to their size and weight, it takes longer for a big rig than a smaller passenger vehicle to come to a stop. Some causes of a rear-end collision include:

  • Failing to obey traffic laws such as speeding, distracted driving and others can cause a big rig to hit a vehicle in front.
  • Big rigs have blind spots, which are areas around the truck that the driver cannot see when they look in their mirrors. If a small vehicle is driving too close to a truck, the driver may not be able to see them and could potentially rear-end them if they do not react quickly enough.
  • The center of gravity in big rigs are higher than passenger vehicles, so they are more likely to roll over when attempting to stop suddenly or making sharp turns. If a truck driver is unable to adjust their speed in time, there’s a possibility that they could lose control of the vehicle and cause a rear-end accident.
  • Worn brakes on a big rig can also greatly increase the risk of rear-end collisions. If the brakes are not functioning properly, it can take significantly longer for a truck to come to a stop and could lead to an accident if the driver isn’t able to adjust their speed in time.

More Information About Truck Accidents

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How a Lawyer Can Support Your Injury Claim

If you have been rear-ended by a big rig, it is essential to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer. Your attorney will help you gather the evidence needed to support your injury claim. Here are some of the ways in which a lawyer can go about gathering evidence for your case:

  • Obtaining police reports 
  • Interviewing witnesses 
  • Obtaining medical records
  • Collecting photos and surveillance videos
  • Obtaining maintenance records 

Using Gathered Evidence to Build a Strong Case

Your lawyer will use all of this evidence to build a strong case for your injury claim and help you get the compensation you deserve. Make sure to hire an experienced personal injury attorney with experience handling big rig accident cases. They will have the resources and knowledge to fight for your rights successfully. If you have been injured in a big rig accident, contact an experienced lawyer as soon as possible. They will help you gather the evidence needed to support your claim and fight for the compensation that you deserve.

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