One Killed, One Injured in Crash on Eastbound I-80 in Richmond

Accident Fatality on I-80 in Richmond

The CHP reported a fatality in a three-vehicle accident that occurred on eastbound I-80 in Richmond on the night of November 28, 2023. The crash occurred at approximately 9:50 p.m. and involved a Lexus GS350, Toyota RAV4, and a Nissan Frontier, officials said.

Details on the Car Accident Fatality on I-80 in Richmond

A preliminary report indicated that three vehicles were involved in a crash on the eastbound side of I-80 in Richmond. The CHP stated that the two occupants of the Lexus were not injured, the Toyota driver was transported to the hospital for treatment of minor injuries, and the Nissan driver, a 65-year-old man, suffered fatal injuries in the crash.

Traffic was diverted off Interstate 80 and onto Carlson Boulevard for officials to investigate the crash and clear the scene of debris. The accident prompted the closure of I-80 for approximately three hours. An investigation is ongoing. No additional details have been provided by the CHP.

Benefits of Retaining Legal Counsel After a Catastrophic Crash

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Car Accident Lawyer in Richmond

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