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May 17, 2016
Edward Smith

Tractor Crash in Acampo

A collision occurred Tuesday, May 17, 2016, involving a tractor and a pickup truck.

What Happened?

  • Residents and motorists in Acampo reported a major motor vehicle accident involving a black pick up truck and a red tractor.
  • The accident happened along Peltier Road.
  • The California Highway Patrol (CHP) was dispatched at approximately 5:38 a.m. after being notified of a traffic collision
  • The CHP reported major injuries at the crash scene.
  • After the impact, the black pick up truck and emergency vehicles were blocking the highway in both directions.
  • The red tractor appeared to be off the highway and partly in an adjacent vineyard.

What Caused the Collision?

No information has been released about how the pickup truck and the tractor collided.

It can take up to two weeks for the CHP to release a traffic collision report. When there are serious injuries or fatalities it can take additional time.

Residents Concerned About Speeding

People fly down Peltier Road, according to residents. The posted speed limit is 55 mph. Motorists drive 70 to 75 mph along this stretch and rarely slow down for the overpass.

Motorists Passing Tractors 

It is a common practice for motorists to pass slower traveling tractors. When tractors are involved in accidents they don’t have the same protection as a motorist in a vehicle. Accidents of this nature can be catastrophic. Also, crashes into vineyards can cause quite a bit of property damage for the landowners.

What is the Condition of Parties Involved in the Crash?

There is no word other than major injuries were involved. We hope those hurt can make a full and complete recovery.

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