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December 17, 2023
Edward Smith

A Close Look at Android Auto and Its Functions

Distracted driving presents a significant road hazard, elevating the likelihood of accidents and endangering drivers and pedestrians as attention drifts away from vital tasks such as operating a vehicle. In 2021, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recorded 3,522 fatalities linked to distracted driving incidents, many of which likely occurred when drivers diverted their attention to check text messages. Fortunately, Android smartphone users can access a safer and more convenient solution for in-car phone interaction in the form of Android Auto. This technology helps you focus on the road by reading your text messages aloud and providing numerous other functionalities.

What Exactly Does Android Auto Offer?

Android Auto is a system developed by Google that enables mirroring apps from your Android smartphone onto your vehicle’s infotainment system, facilitating hands-free usage. It seamlessly integrates Google Assistant and includes various other Google applications like Google Play Music, Google Maps, and YouTube Music, as well as third-party apps such as WhatsApp, Spotify, Discord, and Skype. Surprisingly, it even supports Apple Music. Google maintains a comprehensive list of Android auto-compatible apps.

How Can I Connect It to My Car?

Connecting Android Auto to your vehicle can be accomplished in two ways. First, you can use a USB cable, which allows you to charge your phone while driving. Second, you can establish a wireless connection via Bluetooth, a feature that technically debuted in 2018 but only became widely available later. Presently, most vehicles and smartphones support wireless connectivity.

Why Is the Feature So Valuable?

In addition to enhancing safety and offering the convenience of using familiar and trusted apps, Android Auto possesses a significant advantage—it maintains consistency across different vehicles. Whether you are driving a Honda Civic or a Ford F-150, Android Auto provides a seamless infotainment experience in both vehicles. This uniformity is particularly useful when sharing a vehicle with a partner.

What Are the Most Notable Features?

Android Auto boasts a plethora of convenient built-in features, with some of our favorites listed below:

  • Automatic resumption of media playback when you re-enter your vehicle.
  • Message reading and responding capabilities for numerous apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Signal, and Telegram.
  • It is compatible with various mapping apps, including Google Maps, Waze, TomTom Go, and Samsung Maps.
  • Integration with Google Assistant, the driving force behind Android Auto, enables control over smart home devices, such as turning on house lights or opening the garage door.

Can I Add Android Auto to My Older Vehicle?

While most new vehicles come equipped with Android Auto integration as a standard feature, many older vehicles lack this functionality. The good news is that adding Android Auto to your older car is typically a straightforward process, thanks to the wide availability of aftermarket car stereos.

Most of these stereos adhere to the “double DIN” size, compatible with most vehicles when used alongside the appropriate installation kit. The installation process may vary depending on your vehicle, but it is generally manageable for those with some technical skill. Professional installation is recommended if you are less confident in your abilities. A decent Android Auto-compatible stereo typically costs around $170 before factoring in installation charges, making it an affordable way to modernize your older vehicle.

The following video provides more information on how to use Andriod Auto in your vehicle.

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