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September 27, 2019
Edward Smith

5 Exciting Routes for California Motorcycle Riders

There are few things more exciting to motorcycle riders than hearing the words “road trip.” California is well known for its rugged coastline and long, winding roads. Mapping out your route ahead of time is a sure way to enjoy a day trip or a weekend foray. For motorcyclists, it is also about finding roads that are challenging.  To make it easier on motorcycle enthusiasts, we’ve put together a list of the five most exciting routes for your next trip.

Route 36

If you are a fan of twisting roads with plenty of turns, Route 36 may be the perfect place for enthusiastic motorcycle riders to take a spin. It begins in Red Bluff, California, and goes to Fortuna. However, keep in mind that reception on your cell phone is poor along this route, so take it easy and stay safe. Route 36 has some enjoyable turns, lots of them, along with great views, but guardrails are missing in some places and there are big drop-offs. Since this road is 140 miles long, it’s a good idea to concentrate on what you’re doing and watch out for oncoming traffic. It’s mostly you and your bike because there isn’t much by way of places to stop and eat or gas stations, but you’ll be glad you did it.

Pacific Coast Highway

Highway 1, the Pacific Coast Highway, starts at Monterrey and heads past Big Sur all the way to San Simeon. That’s more than 655 miles of scenic beauty with views of the coast, redwood forests, waterfalls, valleys and much more. Along the way, you will spot old Spanish missions and lighthouses. If you’re lucky, you may see some of California’s wildlife from gray whales and pelicans to a colony of sea lions. Highway 1 has good road quality and a pleasing number of climbs, turns and descents. The big problem may be slowed traffic at times, especially in the towns along the route. Since you will be passing seven spectacular state parks, and plenty of tempting towns to stop in with good places to eat and interesting attractions, you might want to allow more time for stops.

Palomar Mountain Road

This road can test motorcycle riders’ technical skills with its 20 hairpin turns in close proximity and its narrow, twisting roadway through forests and amazing scenery. Although it’s only 31 miles long, you climb steadily up 4,000 feet in the mountain, past Mt. Palomar Observatory. From San Diego or Los Angeles, take Interstate 5 exit off eastbound State Highway 76. You’ll see signs pointing toward Palomar Mountain. Go about 25 miles and take County Road S6, which is also called South Grade Road. At a 4-way stop up on the mountain is a diner and bar, or you can continue on at the E. Grade Road, which takes you to Lake Henshaw. At that point, you return to Highway 76 and will have made a long loop.

Sonora Pass

Directions for this ride are easy. Start out in Sonora and end up 79 miles later in Sonora Junction. It’s California State Route 108 all the way. However, this roadway is shut down during the winter due to snow and ice, so it’s a summer ride only. As motorcycle riders, you’ll see beautiful scenery from snow-capped mountains to meadows full of wildflowers, waterfalls and maybe even glimpse the local wildlife. The two-lane road is narrow, steep and can be treacherous with drop-offs close to the pass. Only experienced riders should attempt this route. 

California State Route 18

Nicknamed the Rim of the World Highway, Route 18 is a good road with plenty of pull-offs to enjoy the amazing scenery. Just take Interstate 210 on the north side of San Bernardino and exit onto Route 18. Stay on Route 18 until you reach Running Springs and turn right onto Route 330 to get back to San Bernardino. Along the way, you’ll be seeing mountains, valleys and scenic views. If that isn’t enough, you can continue on Route 18 and circle around Big Bear Lake.

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