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4 Tips to Effectively Corner a Motorcycle

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September 30, 2017
Edward Smith

4 Tips to Effectively Corner a Motorcycle

I’m Ed Smith, an El Dorado Hills Motorcycle Accident Attorney. Cornering is a technique that every motorcycle rider should know how to properly perform. The skill involves rolling on the throttle as you maneuver through a corner. Novice and veteran riders alike will realize that the roll on the throttle needs to be smooth through the length of the curve in order to take it safely and avoid a crash. Here are four tips to effectively corner your motorcycle:

Slow Prior to the Curve

As with driving a car, you still need to slow down prior to the curve when on a motorcycle. Just because you are cornering the curve, it doesn’t mean you can take it at a high rate of speed. Make sure you use both brakes to slow the bike. It’s difficult to put down a set speed because no two corners are the same. You need to feel comfortable rolling on and slightly increasing the throttle as you navigate the curve.

Look Towards Direction

The second step to properly cornering your motorcycle is a little bit unnatural for most riders. You need to turn your head and look towards the direction in which you want the bike to travel. This involves more than just looking with your eyes. Your head and nose need to be pointed in the direction where you want the bike to go. It’s as simple as that, but it’s an important part of cornering that you cannot forget.

Press the Grip

As you continue to corner your motorcycle, in an effort to prevent a motorcycle accident, you must press the grip. There is a simple rule of thumb with operating your bike; press the right grip, lean to the right, and then turn right. Again, something so very simple, yet many riders fail to operate their bikes this way. Once you figure out the press, the ease of your riding will improve.

Roll on the Throttle

The fourth and final step is to roll on the throttle. Rolling on the throttle is a key step in cornering a motorcycle. It allows the bike to stay balanced as you complete the curve. You must roll on the throttle throughout the entire curve for cornering to be successful and safe. If you happen to roll off the throttle or apply the brakes, you will find that the curve becomes choppy and unbalanced. It will also require you to put a lot of effort and input in order to get through the curve safely.

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Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons, Motorcycle Lean by Hustvedt. CC BY-SA 3.0

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