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October 22, 2022
Edward Smith

Vision Zero Planned to Improve Traffic Safety in Sacramento

A Vision Zero action plan, adopted in 2018, aims to improve safety on Sacramento streets and eliminate traffic crashes. Underserved communities will benefit from the plan, which addresses systemic issues to make conditions safe for pedestrians, drivers, and bicyclists.

SABA Executive Director Takes the Program Personally

In addition to being a strong supporter of the program, Debra Banks is the executive director of Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates (SABA). Following a bike accident that led to seven surgeries and a long recovery period, her passion for safe streets was ignited. A drunk driver hit Banks and her friends while they were bicycling.

Stress Placed on the Importance of Safe Streets

In Banks’ opinion, the experience was a watershed moment in her career because it led her to her current position as SABA’s executive director. She stated that she had seen firsthand how important safe streets were for everyone.

Targeted Areas Include Those With a High Number of Traffic Collisions

Transportation Planning Manager Jennifer Donlon Wyant says Marysville Boulevard, El Camino, Stockton Boulevard, Florin Road and Broadway exhibit the highest number of traffic-related collisions and deaths in Sacramento. Among the projects funded by Vision Zero are Broadway between Stockton and MLK, and Florin Road, close to Luther Burbank High School. In the near future, construction will begin.

Focus Placed on Traffic Safety in Areas Near Schools in Zero Vision

Despite school areas not being the most problematic for traffic safety, Wyant emphasizes the importance of keeping kids safe. In order to improve safety around those schools, the city identified 20 close areas with high injury and fatality rates. She says funding for the improvements is coming from a bipartisan infrastructure bill that was approved.

Driver Behavior and Infrastructure Both Important Vision Zero

A large proportion of traffic crashes in Sacramento are caused by impaired drivers and speeding, according to data. According to Banks, both infrastructure and driver behavior need to be changed to address this issue. Banks said it is necessary to change our infrastructure, to change the streets that were built for cars. Our driving culture must also change.

Federal Funding Sought to Help Implement Projects

As part of their efforts to improve traffic safety in Sacramento, Wyant said they are always looking for federal funding. According to her, most of the Vision Zero funding comes from gas and sales taxes or grants. It’s important for drivers, pedestrians and bicycle riders to stay alert and obey traffic laws during projects like the ones being undertaken on Florin Road and Broadway. As part of their efforts to make Sacramento streets safer, Wyant says they will keep working hard. She said they would not give up and that they were going to continue working on the problem until their goal was reached.

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