Antelope Fleeing Driver Kills Emergency Med Tech Yuriy Oleynik

Antelope Fleeing Driver Kills Emergency Med Tech

An Antelope fleeing driver is being sought by North Sacramento police after leaving the scene of a fatal accident. Yuriy Oleynik, an EMT, age 27, died after the crash along Walerga Road close to Big Cloud Way on January 27. Oleynik was riding his motorcycle when the SUV, described as traveling recklessly, crashed into him. He was ejected from the bike and struck a fence. Reports are that it might have been a case of road rage. Investigators with the California Highway Patrol (CHP) are checking on these allegations. My sympathy and prayers are with the family and friends of their deceased loved one in their time of sorrow and loss.

Further Details of the Antelope Fleeing Driver Accident

Oleynik leaves behind a wife and a daughter, age 2. A GoFundMe site has been set up to help with expenses. Candles and flowers have been left at the accident site by friends of the family. Investigators with the CHP are asking anyone who spots a newer, black SUV that has signs of damage to please call the North Sacramento office. The family, friends and one of the officers all expressed dismay that someone could be involved in an accident and just leave.

Hit and Run Accidents

Hit and run accidents happen frequently. They can occur on the road or in a parking lot. Even an accident where a driver hits your vehicle while you are not in attendance is considered a hit and run. Basically, a hit and run accident is one where the driver causes property damage such as in a fender bender or hits a fence without stopping and exchanging information. As with this Antelope fleeing driver, it also involves not rendering aid to the injured party. In addition, it doesn’t matter who caused the accident. If a driver leaves the scene, he or she can be charged with a hit and run.

Charges in a Hit and Run Accident

The charges in a hit and run are serious. They can be either a felony or misdemeanor under California vehicle codes 20001 and 20002. Felony charges are leveled if someone was injured or killed. Conviction of the charges can result in jail time or fines along with the consequences this places on the individual’s record. There may also be administrative penalties such as driver’s license loss or suspension.

Motorist Responsibility After an Accident

It is important to stop immediately after an accident of any kind and provide contact information. If the vehicle is parked and no one is around, leave it under the other vehicle’s windshield wiper. On the other hand, if the other driver is present, provide your insurance info and license data. In the event that you are driving someone’s car, provide the name and address of the owner as well.

What You Can Do If You Were Hit by an Antelope Fleeing Driver

The amount of information about the hit and run accident can be an important factor in apprehending the negligent driver. This holds true whether you were in your vehicle or it was parked. Some of the things you can look for and report to police are:

  • The make and model of the vehicle that hit you.
  • The vehicle’s license plate number will help police in their investigation. Even if all you can remember is a few numbers, it will help the police find it in a database.
  • Identify witnesses to the crash. Obtain their contact information. Your attorney or the police may want to talk to them.
  • Be specific about where the accident happened. If there are street signs or mile markers nearby, write them down. A business nearby will also help place the crash.
  • Take photos of everything, including the damage to your vehicle, your injuries or even the location itself. If paint from the other vehicle is on your car, take a closeup of it. Car or truck manufacturers use specific shades of paint for a vehicle, and this could be helpful in identifying it.

How an Injury Lawyer Can Help

Your injury lawyer will begin by investigating the accident armed with the information you provided. He or she will check with police to see how their investigation is proceeding and if they were able to identify the vehicle. The lawyer will check with auto manufacturers to determine if the paint on your vehicle matches. They will also check with local businesses to see if they use surveillance video outside their establishment. This would be particularly useful if the accident was captured on film. Your attorney will also present information to the insurance company and work tirelessely to negotiate a favorable outcome. Uninsured motorist property insurance may also pay for damage by a hit and run driver. If this is not possible, they might take the case to court against the driver if apprehended.

Antelope Car Accident Lawyer

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