Yuba City Single-Vehicle Crash Kills Brownsville Teen

Fatal Accident on Quincy La Porte Road in Run-Off-Road Crash

A Brownsville woman, 19, died in a single-vehicle crash on September 23 when her SUV exited the roadway. The accident occurred on Quincy La Porte Road near New York Flat Road at about 11:42 p.m. The accident report by the Yuba-Sutter office of the California Highway Patrol (CHP) said that the driver’s side of the Chevy Trailblazer the woman was driving struck an embankment, which caused major damage to that side of the vehicle. 

Authorities Seeking Information on Fatal Single-Vehicle Crash

Fatal injuries were suffered by the driver in the collision, and her passenger, age 23, sustained minor trauma. Authorities stated that neither alcohol nor drugs appeared to factor into the cause of the collision. The accident investigation into the cause is ongoing. Anyone who has information about the accident or saw it when it occurred is being asked to call (530) 674-5141, which is the phone number of the Yuba-Sutter CHP.

Reasons Other Than Driver Error That Can Cause an Accident

There are many factors that can contribute to a single-vehicle crash, and not all of them are due to driver error. In some cases, road conditions, other drivers, the vehicle or weather play a role in the accident. Following are some of the reasons why accidents involving one vehicle may occur.

Poor Road Conditions in a Single-Vehicle Crash

Potholes, debris and even bad lighting can make it difficult for drivers to see what’s ahead of them, leading to an accident. When it has been determined that the road conditions caused the single-vehicle crash, the government entity in charge can be held responsible. Since the timeline in which you can file is only six months, getting help from an injury lawyer can be a good move.

A Hit-and-Run or Aggressive Driver 

Most people think that if a driver is being aggressive, the only thing that can happen is that they might get into an accident themselves. However, many don’t realize that an aggressive driver can cause another vehicle to crash, even if one car never comes into contact with the other. Here are some ways that this can happen:

  • An aggressive driver may tailgate another vehicle so closely that the motorist in front feels compelled to brake suddenly or make other evasive maneuvers, again leading to a loss of control and a crash.
  • An aggressive driver may force their way into a gap in traffic that is too small for their vehicle, causing another motorist to swerve or brake sharply, which causes a loss of control and an accident.
  • In the most extreme cases, an aggressive driver may actually ram or sideswipe another vehicle on purpose, causing a single-vehicle crash.

Unexpected Mechanical Problems in a Single-Vehicle Crash

When a tire suddenly experiences a blowout, the brakes fail, the steering wheel locks or countless other problems occur, it can cause a collision. This is one of the reasons it is so important to retain a vehicle after an injury crash, so it can be examined not only for clues to the accident but for defects. If it is determined that a defect caused the single-vehicle crash, an auto product liability claim can be placed against the manufacturer and others to recover compensation.

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