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Yolo County Collision Causes Fatal Injury

Yolo County Collision Causes Deadly Injuries

On Wednesday, July 1, 2020, one person sadly lost their life during a Yolo County collision. The accident happened in the early morning in a rural area of the County not far from the small community of Capay. Yolo County officials have identified the decedent as 57-year-old Roland Salas of Suisun City. Additionally, California Highway Patrol (CHP) has indicated that the accident is a single-vehicle crash and that officers are at work investigating the incident.

Crash Information

CHP stated that the crash occurred at around 5:04 a.m. on Highway 16, a short distance to the east of County Road 82. According to police, Mr. Salas had been driving an Acura RDX eastbound on the highway at an unknown speed. CHP reported that the accident happened when the vehicle was on a relatively straight stretch of road around one mile ahead of a sharp turn located at the area where drivers enter the town of Capay.

For reasons that are currently not known, the Acura reportedly drifted to the right and eventually left the road. As the Acura exited the highway and drove onto the southbound shoulder, the vehicle allegedly overturned and landed on its left-hand side.


The accident was reportedly called into CHP by a passerby who stopped at the collision scene to give Mr. Salas aid. He was extricated from his vehicle by the Good Samaritan and personnel from an American Medical Response ambulance. Tragically, he suffered fatal injuries at the accident scene.


As CHP officers continue to investigate this accident, no information regarding possible causal factors has been released. Accidents involving only one vehicle can still be complex and are often caused by more than one factor. Furthermore, many key accident factors are things that drivers do not have the ability to control, like roadway issues or defective auto products.

It’s important to know that investigating a fatal crash is often difficult for police because they aren’t able to question the involved driver about what took place. To ensure the crash is investigated to the fullest possible extent, the best thing you can do is work with a Woodland wrongful death lawyer who can launch a private accident investigation. A skilled lawyer will be able to investigate your case while prioritizing the rights of your family.

Rollovers and Fatal Injuries

Rollover crashes are very dangerous and often involve deadly trauma. This is largely because of the danger of roof crush injuries, which can happen if the vehicle isn’t designed or built properly. In cases that involve these kinds of injuries, it is often possible to claim compensation from the manufacturer of the vehicle. To make sure that your lawyer can determine whether or not a roof crush injury was involved in an accident, you should always preserve the wrecked vehicle as evidence.

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