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Working Through the Grieving Process: Losing a Brother

 Working Through the Grieving Process: Losing a Brother

Working Through the Grieving Process: Losing a Brother

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento Wrongful Death Lawyer. Brothers are important members of the family and losing one, no matter how, is a life-altering event. When the passing of a brother involves a wrongful death, this elicits a complex array of emotions that can be challenging for individuals to process. While working through the bereavement or loss of a brother, there are several keys that everyone should remember.

Self-Expression is Expected

Many times, brothers are raised to conceal and hide their emotions. This isn’t a healthy process and can cause intense psychological and emotional trauma. Everyone who has lost a brother should express their feelings. If the death was sudden, shock could be a powerful emotion. If the death came after a long fight with an illness, there could be a tremendous amount of sadness. Wrongful deaths involving product liability cases can elicit extreme anger. All of these are valid emotions and nobody should ever feel like they have to conceal what they’re feeling. If everyone expresses their emotions, then nobody feels alone.

Sleep is Vital

The brain is the most important organ when it comes to processing grief because it is the emotional center of the body. The brain also needs a healthy amount of sleep to recover. While there may be an endless array of issues surrounding final expenses, any medical bills, and questions about wrongful death taxes, it is important for everyone to sleep regularly. Sleep allows the neurons of the brain to take a break, allowing them to regenerate while forming new connections. When people wake up after a healthy amount of sleep, they are often able to focus clearer, process complex issues faster, and make better decisions.

Numbing the Pain is Never a Good Idea

When people are suffering through the grief process, it can be tempting to turn towards vices that can numb the pain. Some people may think about turning to alcohol and drugs; however, this is never a good idea. First, the relief from the pain is only temporary. The pain will return when the effects of these substances wears off. Second, this could create another wrongful death if someone decides to get behind the wheel of a car. Driving while under the influence can lead to serious auto accidents that will only result in more pain and heartache.

Resources for Grieving the Loss of a Brother

It can be very helpful to look for some healthy outlets for stress relief, such as being with other loved ones, making time for exercise, and attending professional grief counseling in Sacramento. There are also resources available specifically for grieving the loss of a sibling. The pain can be different depending on whether the brother was older or younger. For many people, their brother is their best friend and it can be a challenge to move on without him; however, moving on doesn’t mean forgetting. It means cherishing the memories of the past while looking forward to the future.

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