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April 26, 2023
Edward Smith

Off-Ramp Semi Accident Occurs on Exit to County Road 8

A rollover semi accident occurred on April 21 on the West Side Highway at Woodland. The accident happened along southbound I-5 on the County Road 8 off-ramp around 10:51 a.m. The accident report by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) said the cab and the two trailers it was pulling rolled over on its side and was smoking. 

Minor Injuries Reported in Semi Accident

The semi was hauling hay at the time. No information was provided on whether the big rig lost its load during the rollover. Emergency responders with the Yolo County Fire Department determined that minor injuries had been suffered in the collision. An investigation by CHP traffic officials will discover why the rollover occurred. 

Passenger Vehicles Involved in an Accident Caused by a Negligent Semi Driver

When a passenger vehicle is involved in an accident with a large commercial truck, the occupants of the smaller and less protected car are at serious risk for injury or even death. Negligent driving by a big rig operator can cause devastating consequences that must be addressed both medically and legally. Some of the dangers faced by those in passenger vehicles when involved in a semi accident caused by a negligent big rig driver include:

  • Increased risk of serious injury or death due to the size and weight disparity between vehicles can lead to a collision.
  • The force of impact generated by a large truck is often far greater than that created in an accident between two passenger vehicles.
  • Potential for hazardous cargo to be spilled on the roadway, creating additional risks for those in smaller cars being involved in a semi accident.
  • Motorists may be placed in precarious and dangerous positions due to the length of a big rig, such as jackknifing or rolling over.
  • Large trucks can take up multiple lanes of traffic and can make it difficult for other drivers to maneuver safely.​

Injury Compensation and How a Lawyer Handles Your Case

If you have suffered an injury due to someone else’s negligence or intentional wrongdoing, it is important to seek legal advice from a qualified lawyer experienced in personal injury law. A lawyer can help you understand your rights under the law and ensure you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

Your lawyer will review the facts of your case, including any medical records and other evidence, to determine whether there is a valid compensation claim. Your lawyer will also evaluate the strength of the opposing party’s case, advise you on your options for legal remedies, and construct a strategy to maximize the amount of compensation that you may receive.

Your lawyer may negotiate with the other party and their insurance company to secure a fair settlement. If the parties cannot reach an agreement, your lawyer may also file a lawsuit on your behalf to try to seek compensation through the court system. Your lawyer can represent you throughout the process and will be available to answer questions and provide advice as needed.

Woodland Truck Accident Lawyer

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