Update | Woman Dies in Sacramento Multiple-Vehicle Crash

Accident Along Northgate Boulevard Involved Three Vehicles

A major collision in Sacramento on August 2 caused the death of a woman and serious injuries to three others. The collision occurred shortly before 5:00 p.m. along Northgate Boulevard near Sotano Drive. The area surrounding the accident site was shut down for around four hours while the scene was cleared, and an investigation was conducted to determine the cause. 

Authorities with the Sacramento Police Department report that the other three people injured in the crash are expected to recover. Officials have recently identified the decedent as 86-year-old Cayetana Espejel. Family members said Ms. Espejel was headed home with her husband, 86, when a speeding driver allegedly struck them. Relatives said her husband was admitted into the Intensive Care Unit at the hospital. Additional updates were not immediately available.

Injuries and Fatalities in a Multiple-Vehicle Crash

A multiple-vehicle crash often results in serious injuries and fatalities because a vehicle can be struck more than once, amplifying the trauma to those inside. When the accident occurs in or near an intersection, most of these collisions are rear-end crashes. However, they can also be the result of a head-on collision if it is close to the intersection. Trauma caused by these collisions includes:

  • Traumatic brain injuries occur if someone inside the vehicle hits the dash, steering wheel or windshield.
  • Spinal cord and back injuries happen from the rear impact of a vehicle, which can cause serious, long-term problems to the sufferer.
  • Abdominal trauma happens due to the sudden tightening of a seat restraint or deployment of the airbags.
  • Bone fractures are a common result in a multiple-vehicle crash.
  • Chest trauma can occur by the stress of the seat restraints or by striking the steering wheel or dash.

The one thing a traffic collision often results in is injuries severe enough to require hospitalization. Then the injured party ends up facing high medical expenses and lost wages because they cannot work. In addition, they have to deal with their pain and suffering, which certainly isn’t fair in a multiple-vehicle crash that wasn’t their fault. 

Evidence in a Multiple-Vehicle Crash

Since a car involved in a multiple-vehicle accident can be struck more than once, more than one driver may have been negligent. This is what an accident attorney can determine, so the injured client can obtain fair compensation and hold those responsible who caused their trauma. By conducting an investigation, that evidence can be gathered, including performing the following:

  • The accident report is examined to see if it is accurate and whether any drivers were cited by the police.
  • Witnesses to the collision are interviewed. In some instances, a witness may have videotaped the accident on their phone as it occurred or right afterward.
  • The investigators perform accident reconstruction to show the initial positioning of the vehicles and how they struck each other.
  • Area surveillance cameras are examined to determine if the multiple-vehicle crash was captured on tape. If it was, that record could be subpoenaed. 

When the evidence is gathered to support the client’s compensation claim, our injury lawyers use it to construct a strong case for the recovery of damages.

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